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Gallery No. 6.

Portraits (continued.), pp.149-158.

Lent by the Guardians of W. C. Cooper of Failford.
455. ANDREW COCHRANE of Brighouse.
Born in Ayr, 1693; died in Glasgow, 9th July, 1777.
Merchant and banker. An early trader to Virginia – first as Andrew Cochrane & Co., and then (in partnership with his brother-in-law Provost John Murdoch, No. 50) as Cochrane, Murdoch & Co. Founder, in 1750, of the Glasgow Arms Bank. Provost, 1744, 1745, and again, 1760, 1761. As Provost throughout the ’45, and during the occupation of Glasgow by the rebels, he safe-guarded both the interests and the honour of the City; the greatest of our Provosts. A monument in the nave of the Cathedral records his merits; but his best monument is in the “Cochrane Correspondence,” published by the Maitland Club. He married Janet, eldest daughter of Peter Murdoch (No. 49), and had issue. (See Nos. 2379, 2616-2626.)
Painter unknown.


Views, &c. (continued.), pp.216-219.


Lent by Mrs. W. Glen Henderson.
823. The Broomielaw. Oil.

Lent by John Kirsop.
889. The Old Cross of Glasgow. Oil.
By John Knox.


On Wall., Maps, Plans, &c., pp.219-222.

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Screen No. 1., pp.222-224.

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Screen No. 2., pp.224-230.

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Domestic and Miscellaneous Articles (continued.), Case No. 1., 343-347.

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