Malcolm III. (1057-1093) Updated, pp.1-3.


KING MALCOLM III, surnamed Canmore, was crowned at Scone, on St. Marks day, in the month of April, about the 3rd year of the reign of the [Holy Roman] Emperor Henry the third, in 1057.


Queen Margaret was married to King Malcolm III with great solemnity, at his village and castle of Dunfermline in the Woods, in the 14th year of his reign in 1070.


In the year 1088, William the Bastard of Normandy, who had now conquered England, caused [a] survey [of] the said kingdom [Domesday book], wherein was found to be 45000 and 17 churchmen of all sorts; 37 counties; of knights fees, 60000, two hundred and 15, whereof belonging to religious men, 28; and 15 lordships.


Edward, the eldest son of King Malcolm III, Prince of Scotland, in a conflict against the Northumbrians, being mortally wounded, [15th of November], the 3rd day after his father King Malcolm’s death, in 1093, departed this life, at Edwards-dyke, in Jedwood forest, and was interred in the Trinity Church of Dunfermline, before the altar of the Holy Cross.

Queen Margaret, within 4 days of her husband King Malcolm, departs this life in December, at the Maiden Castle, in Lothian. Her corpse was carried to Dunfermline, and there interred in 1093.

This year also died the second son of King Malcolm, Ethelred, Earl of Fife, and was interred in the old church of St. Andrew in Kilremont, because he was a great benefactor to that monastery.

This year was fatal to Scotland, for King Malcolm’s 3rd son, likewise a valiant and gallant prince, called Edmond, departed this life at Montague in England.

King Malcolm himself was killed at the siege of Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, with the stroke of a lance in the left eye, by one Mowbray [Earl of Northumbria], for that act thereafter surnamed Percy, in 1093; one whose death Fordun has this monkish epitaph:-

Three decades is effective for five years, and eight months 
     Malcolm was the sainted King in Scotland: 
English swords covered the hero in time of war: 
    The King in Scotland was first buried. 

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