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Edgar (1098-1099), King of Scotland, pp.5-6.


EDGAR hauing takin Donald, (as I formerly said) was solemly crounid at Scone, in Ao 1098.



This zeir the K. foundit the Abbaey of Coldinghame; and gaue to the honor of St. Cuthbert, the haill landes of Coldinghame, and toune of Berwick upone Tueed, 1099.

This zeir was K. Edgars sister Maude maried to K. Henrey the 1. of England, and wes solemley crouned by S. Anselme, Bischope of Canterburrey.

This same zeir, lykwayes, Marey, the other daughter of K. Mal: 3d, and K. Edgars second sister, was married to Eustace, Earle of Boloinge, brother to Godofrey and Baldwyne, Kinges of Jerusalem.

K. Edgar deyed in the 9 zeir and 3d monnth of hes rainge, at Dundie, (as will some,) at Edinbrugh, as others, and was interred  at Dumfermling, befor the heigh altar.

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