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Dauid the First (1124-1153), King of Scotland, pp.9-14.

DAUID the I. youngest sone to K. Malcolme the 3d, succidit hes brother K. Alexander the 1, and wes solemly crowned at Scone, in Ao 1124; he range 29 zeires, 2 mounths, and 3 dayes. He maried Maude de St. Lice, only daughter and heire to Waldeofe, Earle of Huntingtoun, in England, by Judith hes wyffe, neice to K. William the Conquerour, and by her had issew one sone, Henrey, in right of hes mother, Earle of Huntingtone and Northumberland. 



In the begining of the zeir 1125, ther was ane interweiu at Newcastle betuix K. Dauid and Stephine, K. of England, anent the concluding of a peace betuix bothe crouns, wich was brought to a happey closure by the mediatione of Maude, Queene of England, K. Dauids neice, by his sister Marey, Countesse of Bolloinge, one the conditione that Henrey, K. Dauids eldest sone, should doe homage to K. Stephin for the earledome of Huntingdone; and that without aney lett he should peaceabley enioy the countey of Northumberland, as heir by hes mother both to Waldeofe Earle of Huntingtone, and Siuard Earle of Northumberland.



In Maij this zeir, 1125, K. Dauid translatet the Abbey of Selkirk to Kelso, and Herbert, the 3d Aboute of Selkirk, was 1 Abbot of Calcow. 



In the zeir 1126, King Dauid bulte the castell of Carleill. During hes abode ther, ther arrived at hes courte, Henrey, thereafter King of England, the sone of hes niece Maude the Empresse, sent by hes mother to be knighted by King Dauid, wich was performed with grate solemnitey, after Henrey had takin a soleme othe to Dauid, neuer in his lyffetyme to invade or molest the Scotts counties in England.



Henrey, Earle of Huntingtone, Prince of Scotland and Northumberland, in Agust 1127, maried Ada, the daughter of William, Earle of Warren, and sister of Robert, Earle of Leicester, and Waldrane, Earle of Mellent, quhosse mother was sister to Ralphe, Earle of Peroune, cousin to Lewis the French Kinge. 



This zeir King Dauid foundit the monastarey of the Holy Crosse, neir Edinbrughe, of chonans regular, 1128. 



This zeire, 1130, begins with the death of Queene Maude, King Dauids beloued wyffe. She was enterred at Scone.

This same zeire, Angus, Earle of Murray, with hes quholl kinred, were killed by the Scotts at Strutathrow. 



King Dauid the first, this zeire, 1132, foundit the monastarey of Melrosse, of the order of Cisteauxe. 



This zeir, 1136, peace concludit betuix K. Dauid and Stephane K. of England. The cheiffe artickell was, of that peace, that Northumberland should remaine to Stephin, and Cumberland to K. Dauid. 



In Appryle this zeire, 1137, the Archbischope of Zorke, Trustine, cam Embasador from K. Stephine to King Dauid, then at Roxburghe, intreatting him that he wold not destroy Northumberland; bot shortly the trewes and peace formerly concludit were brokin, becausse the K. of England wold not giue Northumberland to Prince Henrey, wich deuly did belonge to him in right of hes mother. 



In the zeir 1138, King Dauid, with a good armey, invadit Northumberland, and with fyre and suord destroyed it.

And K. Stephane this same zeire also, in the begining of Lent, with a grate armey, came to Roxbrughe, bot shamefulley returned againe, without doing aney thing worthey to be spokin offe.

This zeire lykwayes, Alberick, the Popes Legat, Bischope of Ostia, came to King Dauid to Carleile for mediating a peace betuix him and England, bot not prewailed.

In September this zeir, ther was a batell fought betuix K. Dauid and K. Stephane, at Standard in Cumberland, quherin the Englishe armey wer ouerthrowen. 



K. Dauid so aboundit in the piety of thessetymes, that he foundit the monastarey of Neubotle, in Lothean, of the Cisteauxe order, in Ao 1140.



And in the follouing zeire, 1142, K. Dauid also foundit the monastarey of Dundranan, of the Cisteauxe order lykwayes.

About Mertmisse this same zeire, the monkes of the Premonstratensian order came first in Scotland, and by this King wer seatted in Drybrughe.

William Cumin, Chanceler of Scotland, this zeire, one the Empresse donatione, possessed himselue of Dune Castle, and St. Cuthberts patrimoney. 



In Julay this zeire, 1143, was borne William, thereafter King of Scotland, 2d sone to Prince Henrey. 



In Ao 1147, deyed Johne, Bischope of Glasgow, and to him succidit Herbert, Abbot of Kelso. 



K. Dauid this zeirefoundittuo monasteries of the order of Cisteauxe; Holme-cutter in Cumberland, and Kinlosse in Murray, 1150.



William Cumin, Chanceler of Scotland, quho had by the Empresse donatione possesed himselue of the castell and bischoperick of Dunerline, was elected and consecrat Bischope of Zorke; and celebrating messe in the churche of S. Pietre, by corrupte prists wes poysoned, and deyed this zeire, 1152.

This zeire, 1152, deyed Henrey, Earle of Northumberland, Prince of Scotland, K. Dauids eldest sone; and that worthey prelat, William, Bischope of Dunkelden. 



The 9 of the kalends of June this zeire, deyed that pious and holy K. Dauid, (to quhome succidit his grandchyld, Malcolme, the eldest sone of Henrey the Prince, a youthe of 12 zeires of age,) at Carleill, 1153.

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