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Malcolm IV. (1154-1165), King of Scotland, Updated, pp.14-19.


KING MALCOLM IV, grandchild to King David I, was solemnly crowned at Scone, in 1154.

This year also, David, 3rd son to Prince Henry, and brother to King Malcolm, was this year created Earl of Huntingdon and Garrioch [Aberdeen]; his elder brother, Earl of Northumberland, being beyond seas fighting against the Saracens.

This year also Somerled, Thane of Argyll, together with his nephews, the sons of Malcolm Mackenneth, rebel against King Malcolm, who gave himself out to be the son of Óengus, Earl of Murray, killed at Stracathro. This Malcolm Mackenneth, being apprehended, was shut up a close prisoner in a turret of Marchmont Castle; together with Donald, the grandchild of Somerled.

John, Bishop of Glasgow, this year likewise quits his bishopric, and retires himself to a monastery, for which King Malcolm complains to the Pope. He again resumes his charge, and shortly thereafter dies, and was interred in Jedburgh. 



This year King Malcolm IV. placed a convent of nuns at Eccles, 1156. 



In May 1158, there was an interview between Malcolm IV. And King Henry [II.] of England at Carlisle; but they departed without any good conclusion. 



This year was fatal to churchmen, for in February 1159, died Robert, Bishop of St. Andrews; and in August died that holy man, Waltheof, (or Valthenus,) Abbot of Melrose, uncle to King Malcolm IV.

In this year was King Malcolm IV. knighted by King Henry of England.

This year, also, William, Bishop of Moray, and Nicholas, Chamberlain of Scotland, were sent ambassadors by King Malcolm IV. to Pope Alexander.



Ferteth, Earl of Strathearn, this year, 1160, with 5 others of the nobility, conspired against King Malcolm IV. For his too great familiarity with Henry the English king, and his dislike of Louis [VII.] the French king: they thought to have taken the king prisoner at Perth, but were disappointed.

This same year, also, King Malcolm IV. Levies an army for to suppress the Galwegians [Galloway natives] that had rebelled and risen in arms against him, whom in 3 months he fully reduced to his obedience, making their Earl, Fergus, to renounce the world, shave his crown [head], and turn monk at Holyroodhouse, delivering his son and heir, Uhtred, to the king in pledge of the Galwegian’s faith.

This year Ernald, Abbot of Kelso, was elected Bishop of St. Andrews, and consecrated by William, Bishop of Moray, the Pope’s Legate in Scot6land, in the presence of King Malcolm. 



In March 1161, King Malcolm, with the advice of the estates of the kingdom, marries his eldest sister Margaret to Conan [IV.], Duke of Brittany, and his second sister Ada to Floris [III], [Count] of Holland. For the accomplishing of these businesses, the estates gave him a very large supply.

This same year is Somerled, Thane of Argyll, with his son Gillecallum, and their whole army [were] killed and taken at Renfrew. [Battle of Renfrew was 1164, mistaken year?]

The 9th of September this year is Gregory, Bishop of Rosemarkie, consecrated by Arnold, Bishop of St. Andrews, the Pope’s Legate in Scotland. 



In this year, 1162, Hugh [de] Morville, Constable of Scotland, the founder of Dryburgh Abbey, departs this life; and shortly after him, William, Bishop of Moray, and Arnold, Bishop of St. Andrews. 



This year, 1163, was a very happy and auspicious year to Scotland, for in March, King Malcolm IV. did recover [from] a dangerous sickness, which almost had brought him to death’s door; in May there was a firm peace concluded between him and King Henry of England, at Doncaster; and Richard, the King’s chaplain and minion, was elected Bishop of St. Andrews. 



King Malcolm this year founded the monastery of Coupar in Angus; the abbey of Soutra, for ease of pilgrims; and the nunnery of Manuel, in 1164.

This same year died Herbert, Bishop of Glasgow; and in his place was elected Ingelram, [Lord] Chancellor of Scotland. 



In April this year, 1165, Richard, King Malcolm’s chaplain, at St. Andrews, was consecrated.

In July this year, and August, there appeared 2 fearful comets, before the sun rising and quarter of an hour, with a radiant crown over them. In July and August this year, that wicked spirit and enemy of mankind, Satan, so acted his part with thunder and fire, exhibiting himself in diverse horrid postures, was visibly seen by many thousands of people of all kinds. This same year, also, about the [9th] of December, died that holy and noble King Malcolm IV. At his castle of Jedburgh, about the 25th year of his age, after he had governed the realm 13 years and 6 months, and was interred at Dunfermline, [next to] his grandfather King David.

In the month of August this same year, before the King’s death, appeared two blazing comets, and hour before the sun rising, one in the south, the other in the north.

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