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William, Surnamed the Lyone (1165-1214), King of Scotland, pp.19-38.

This same zeire, within 15 dayes after K. Malcolmes death, was hes brother William, Earle of Northumberland, solemnly crouned at Scone by Richard, Bischope of St. Andrewes, in presence of the three estaits of the realme.

This same zeire, also, deyed Alrede, 3d Abbot of Reiuall, quho elegantly wreat the lyffe of St. Dauid, K. of Scotland: and to him succidit Syluane, Abbot of Dundranan.



In the mounthe of May this zeir, 1166, K. William went bezond seas, and shortly therafter returned without so much as smelling the Holy Land.

This zeire deyed Gospatrick, Earle of Marche; and to him succidit his eldest sone Valdene. 



This zeir, 1169, deyed Gregorey, Bischope of Dunkelden; to quhom did succeid Richard, K. Williams chaplane, consecrat one St. Lawrence day the same zeir.

This same zeir deyed holy Humbandus, quho first brought a convent to the monastarey of Paslett: wich was foundit by Walter, the sone of Allane, Grate Stuart of Scotland. 



In October this zeir, 1170, Dauid, Earle of Huntingtone, the brother of K. William, is solemly knighted by Henrey, K. of England, after hes returne out of Normandy, at Vindsore, in presence of K. William, hes brother.

This same zeir Dauid, Earle of Huntingtone, and Angus, brother to Mal: and William, Kings of Scotland, with ane armey weill appoynted, past wnto Irland, and ther, with the helpe of one of the pittey Kinges of that iyland, quhosse daughter Dauid did marey, he wane the citey of Dubline, and a grate maney counties in that countrey.

This same zeire, also, Engelrame, quho was Chanceler to K. Malcolme the 4. in despyte of Roger, Archbischope of Zorke (quho adscriued to himselue the primacie of Scotland), was elected Bischope of Glasgow, and consecrat at Rome by Pope Alex: 3d. 



This zeir, 1171, begane with fearfull and dreadfull aspects, pretending the death of maney grate personages in this kingdome; the sea, by maney thousands of people, wes seine to burne and rysse in flames and smoke to the cloudes.

This zeire deyed Nicoll, Lord Chanceler of Scotland, and Conan, Duck of Brittanie and Earle of Richmond.

Ferchet, Earle of Stratherne, deyed lykwayes this zeir, and Eduard, Bis: of Aberdein.

Simon de Tonei, Abbot of Kogeshall, a mounke of Melross, is this zeire elected, and consecrat Bischope of Murray the 10 of Februarij on the following zeir, 1172, at S. Andrewes.



In the end of Marche this zeire, Mathew, Archdeane of S. Andrewes, is elected Bis: of Aberdeine, and consecrat the 7 of Appryle. 



This zeire, 1173, K. William besedged the castell of Warke, bot imediatly arrosse from thence, heiring that K. Henrey of England was returned from Irland, and had lewied a grate armey. 



In Junij this zeir, 1174, K. William with ane armey, enters England to Alnwicke, destroyes and kills maney, and at last is takin prisoner by the Englische, and led captiue to Richmond first, and then carried ouer to France, and keipt closse in the castell of Fallaisse, in Normandy. Dauid, Earle of Huntingtone and Angus, heiring that hes brother was takin prissoner by the Englische, lewes all the lauralls he had gathred in Irland, and with all speed with hes armey returns vnto Scotland.

One Candelmiss day this zeire, deyes Engelrame, Bischope of Glasgow, some tyme Chanceler of Scotland; and in his place was elected Joceline, Abbot of Melros, 10 kal: of Junij, at Perthe. 



This zeir, 1175, K. William is liberat, and returns home out of France, from the Englische captiuity; Richard, Bis: of St Andrewes, and Richard, Bis: of Dunkelden, with 5 of the nobility, hauing treated with K. Henrey for 3 mounths tyme befor in Normandy.

After K. Williams returne from the Englishe captiuity, this same zeire, he convenns hes haill nobility, gentry and clergie, at Perth, and ther takes a new othe of homage and fidelity to him, for wich thosse he doubted off gaue ther eldest sones in pledge of ther faith.

This same zeir, Deruorgilla, the daughter of Allane, Earle of Galloway, foundit 2 monasteries; the one of Sueit Harte, in Galloway, of the order of Cisteauxe, the other of Mininne Friars, at Dundie, in Angus.

About the end of this zeir, also, Gilbert, the 3d sone Fergus, Earl of Galloway, putt out his elder brother Ethreds eyes, and raisse in armes aganist K. William.



This zeir, 1177, deyed Walter, the Grate Steuart of Scotland, and was interrid at Paslet. 



This zeir, 1178, the Countesse Ada, mother to Mal: 4., and William, Kings of Scotland, that foundit the Abbey of Hadington, Richard, Bischope of Dunkelden, and Richard, Bischope of St. Andrewes, departed all this lyffe.

Walter Bidon, Lord Chanceler of Scotland, this zeir was elected Bis: of Dunkelden.

This same zeire, lykwayes, K. William foundit the monastarey of Aberbroth, in Angus; and hes brother, Earle Dauid, after hes returne from the Holy Land, foundit the monastarey of Londors in the woodes, in Fyffe.

This zeir, also, K. William made Gilbert, a learned man, Chamberlane of Scotland and Bis: of Cathnes; this is that Gilbert that stood out so stifly for the liberty of the church of Scotland aganist Roger, Archbis: of Zork and all the prelats of England.

M. Johne (surnamed Scotus), that learned doctor, wes, against K. Williams mynd, elected by the Pope Bis: of St. Andrewes, this same zeire.

This same zeire, K. William, with his brother, Earle Dauid, and a grate armey, went to Rosse to take order with one Mack-William (as he wold be named), bot rather Donald Baine, giuing himselue out to the people that he was come of the royall steme, and wes the sone of William the sone of Duncane, basse sone to King Malcolme the 3d, quho had raissed ane armey in opin rebellion aganist the stait; the King defait his haill armey; and the cheiffe rebell being killed, hes head was brought to the King. 



The 1 of September this zeire, 1179, deyed Alina, Countesse of Dumbar.

In the zeire 1180, Jocelin, Bis: of Glasgow, foundit and bult the grate church of St. Mungo, in Glasgow.

This same zeire, also, deyed Valdenus, Earle of Dumbar and Marche; to quhom succidit hes sone Patrick.

Alexis, the Popes Nuntio, altogidder aganist K. Williams will, cam this zeire to Scotland, that he might judge de facto of the Kings refusall to admitt Mr Johne the Scot, to the Bischoperick of St. Andrewes, quhom he consecrat Bis: by Mathew, Bis: of Aberdine, absoluing the kingdome from the interdiction he had layed therone at hes departure, the King not scarsly countenancing him. 



This zeire, 1182, King William did send Joceline, Bis: of Glasgow, Eduard, Abbot of Melros, and Osbert, Abbot of Kelso, his Ambassadors to Rome, to Pope Lucius the 3d, anent diuers bussiness of importance, wich they fathfully performed to the Kinges grate contentment; by them the Pope sent to K. William his benedictione, with a rose of gold. 



In the zeir 1183, K. William gaue his daughter, Isobell, in marriage to Robert Bruce, quhom he had begottin one the daughter of Robert Auenell; and in the follouing zeir, 1184, he married hes other daughter, Ada, to Patrick Dumbar, Earle of Marche, the sone of Valdene, Earle of Dumbar. 



This same zeire deyed Simon de Tonei, Bis: of Murray. 



This zeir, 1185, deyed Andrew, Bis: of Cathnes, the 3d day of Januarij, at Dumfermling; and one the 16 of Marche therafter, deyed Robert Auenell, quho gaue hes lands of Eskedaile to the abbey of Melros.

This same zeir also, K. Henrey of England restored the earledome of Huntingtone to K. William, quho imediatly gaue it to hes brother Dauid. This countie he had extorted from him formerly, for a pairt of hes ransome; he lykes randered to King William the counties of Northumberland, Vestmureland, and Cumberland, the ancient appenage of the Scotts Kings eldest sonnes, quhill as ther fathers liued.

K. Henrey lykwayes, with grate solemnity and triumphe, maried hes aunt, Ermardis, daughter to the Viscount Beamont, to King William, at Voodstocke Castle, in England, this zeire also, the 5 o September.

In September this zeire, deyed Christianus, Bis: of Galloway or Quhilherne.

This same zeire deyed Gilbert, Earle of Galloway, the sone of Fergus, quho depriued his brother Wthred of hes sight and tounge: upone quhosse death, immediatly, Rouland, the sone of Wthred, leuied ane armey aganist Gospatrick, Henrey Kenedy, Samuell and ther adherents, and in a furious foughtin batell ouerthrew them, 5 Julij; in this conflicte wes Roulands brother killed.

And in September this zeire, K. William gaue the Earledome of Galloway to Rouland and hes heires, and to the sonne of Gilbert, he gaue the Earledome of Carrick, in respect, at the Kings desyre, he had quyte claimed his right of Galloway in fauors of Rouland. 



This zeire, 1186, after that K. William had maried the daughter of the Viscount Beamont, (his first vyffe, the daughter of Sr Adam Huttchisone, by quhom he had begottin one daughter, Margarett, being dead,) K. Henrey randred him the castle of Edinbrughe, wich hes garrisone had euer keipt since K. Williams liberatione from catiuity out of the castle of Fallaisse.



Richard, K. Williams clerke, in this zeire, 1187, elected and consecrat Bis: of Murray, in Marche. 



This zeire deyed Henrey, Cardinall of Albania, Abbot of Clarevall; and in Julay therafter deyed lykwayes Richard Morueill, Grate Constable of Scotland, and the Lady Auicia, hes wyffe; and to him did succid William Morwell hes sone, quho gaue the lands of Parke to the abbey of Melrosse, And in December deyed Heugo, the holy Bischope of St. Andrewes, within 7 myles of the citey of Rome, hauing gone ther for the decissione of a contrawersey betuix him and Johne, Bis: of Dunkelden. 



This same zeire, K. William made hes cousin Roger, sone to the Earle of Leicester, in England, Lord Chanceler of Scotland, and in the follouing zeir he made him Abbot of Melros, and immediatly therafter Bischope of St. Andrewes; and in his place Heu de Sealle, the Kings clerke, was made Chanceler of Scotland. 



K. William gaue to K. Richard of England, for quyte claming of Berwick and Roxburghe, with King Henrey had wnjustly detained for 16 zeires, since K. Williams captiuity, 10,000 merkes of siluer, in Appryle 1190; and in Junij therafter, Dauid, Earle of Angus and Huntingtone, the Kings brother, maried Maude, the sister of Ralphe, Earle of Chester, in England, and daughter of Hew.



This zeir, 1191, K. William gaue hes daughter Isabell, the widow of Robert Bruce, in marriage to Sr Robert de Rosse, Knight, at Hadingtone. 



King William gaue hes daughter Margarett, begottin one the daughter of Sr Eustasse de Vesci, Knight, at Roxbrughe, in Ao 1193.

K. William gaue this same zeir tua thousand mercks of siluer, to helpe to pay K. Richard of Englands ransome, wich made hes ambassadors to returne with gladnes; and Duncane, the sone of Gilbert, Earle of Galloway, gaue this zeire the lands of Meibol in Carricke, to the abbey of Melros.



In Ao 1195, deyed Gregory, Bis: of Aberdein or Rosmarkin, in quhosse place was elected Reinold, Abbot of Melros.

This zeire K. William altered the stampe and standard of hes coyne; and in September this same zeir, he wes dangerously seike for a longe tyme at Clackmanan, quher he caused call his estaits, and made them to gif their othes of fidelity to hes daughter Margaret, as to hes trew heir, in caisse he should haue no sonnes by Queine Ermagard; this ladey Margaret wes the only chyld of his first mariage. 



This zeire deyed William de Morweill, Grate Constable of Scotland; to quhom succeidit Rouland, Earle of Galloway, quho had maried his sister; hauing giuen to the K. 70 merks of siluer for the office of Constabularie, wich the King auerred to be his, in respecte William had deyed without anney issew of hes auen bodey.

In this zeire King William raissed ane armey to suppres the rebellion of Harrolde, Earle of Cathnes, and marches to Cathnes, quho no souner entred the confynnes, but Harrold submitts himselue to the Kinges obedience, and is receauid to grace. At this same tyme, Rorey and Torphin, Earle Harolds tuo sones, invads the Kings armey, and by it are vtterly ouerthrowen, and Rorey killed.



In the following zeire, 1197, Harold, Earle of Cathnes, by hes wyffes instigatione, the daughter of Mackhead, againe loupes out, aganist quhom the King sends ane armey, quho defaitts hes, and takes him prissoner, and leads him fettered to the King, quho mewes him closse prissoner in a turret of Roxbrughe Castle, quher he lay until the Kinges anger wes pacified towards him, then was he dissmised, one hes humble submissione, leauing his sone Torphine a pledge for his fidelity, behind him, in Roxbrughe Castle, quho shortly therafter, for hes fathers neu rebellions, was depriued of hes eyes and genitalls, and endit his lyffe ther miserably.

This same zeire proued werey joyfull to the King and his quholl realme, for the birth of a zoung prince, borne by Q. Ermagard, and cristned Alexander. 



The 26 of Appryle, 1199, deyed Joceline, Bis: of Glasgow, at the abbey of Melros. This zeire deyed lykeways Hew, Lord Chanceler of Scotland, vi. of ids of Julay; to quhom succidit, the 16 of September, William Malewicine; and in October deyed Mathew, Bischope of Aberdeine. 



This zeir, 1200, did begin with the death of Rouland, Earle of Galloway, at Northamptone, in England, and was interrid in St. Andrewes church ther; and in the 3d and 5 monnthe, deyed the Countesse Ada, and her sister Mariorey, the Kings daughters, and Robert de Quinci.

This zeir, about the 19 of October, the K. conuocats the estaits of his realme, from quhom he exacts ane othe of fealty to his sone, Prince Alexander, wich was performed with grate solemnity at Musselbrughe.

This zeir, also, the Chanceler, William Malwecine, wes consecrat Bis: of Glasgow, at command of Pope Innocent the 3d, in France.

And this zeire, also, Gilberte, Earle of Stratherne, foundit the monastarey of Inchechaffra (or Insula missarum), in Stratherne. 



In the zeir 1202, deyes Roger, Bischope of St. Andrewes, to quhome succids William Malwesine, Bischope of Glasgow and Chanceler of Scotland; and to him, in the sea of Glasgow, succidit Florentius, sone to the Earle of Holande. 



In Ao 1203, deyed Johne, Bis: of Dunkelden, at Neubotle, (this that Johne the Scot,) a learnid doctor, quho wes elected Bischope of St. Andrewes; to him succidit Richard de Prebenda, cousin and clercke to K. William.

This same zeire, lykwayes, deyed Richard, Bischope of Murray, to quhom succidit Britius, Prior of Lesmahago. 



This zeire deyed Allane, the sone of Walter, Grate Steuart of Scotland, and Duncane, Earle of Fyffe, to quhome succidit his sone Malcolme, that therafter foundit Culrosse Abbey.

This the preaching Dominican Friars first had ther begininge.



In the zeire 1205, tuo moons of the same bignes appeired in the firmament, the horns at one end being ioyned, at the other danglinge.

The same zeire, Dauid, Earle of Huntingtone and Angus, the Kings brother, did homage to Alexander, the sone of K. William.

Abot the end of Agust this same zeir, deyed Duncane, Earle of Lennox, and Queine Elinora; and in the monthe of October deyed lykwayes Araldus, Earle of Mearnis. 



In this zeire, 1206, the order of the Friars Minors wnder S. Francis, did begin; aboute wich tyme Johne, Bis: of Galloway, reseinged the bishopericke, and turned moncke in the abbey of Holyrudhousse, neire Edinbrughe.

This zeire, also, deyed John, Bis: of Aberdeine, to quhom succidit Adam Carale, the Kings clerke. And this zeire, lykwayes, Florence, Bis: of Glasgow, by the Popes permissione, reseinged his bischopericke; in quhosse place was elected Walter, King Williams chaplaine.

In May this same zeire, Allane, Earle of Galloway, the sone of Earle Rouland, maried the Ladey Margarett, daughter to Dauid, Earle of Huntingtone, at Dundie.

In September, lykwayes, this same zeire, deyed Johne, Bis: of Galloway; to quhome succidit Walter, Chamberlane to Allane, Earle of Galloway, Grate Constable of Scotland.

This same zeire, William, Bis: of St. Andrewes, Walter, Bis: of Glasgow, William Cumin, Justiciare Generall of Scotland, and Philipe de Walence, Lord Chamberlane of Scotland, wer sent ambassadors to Johne, K. of England. 



In the zeir 1207, Ranulphe de Soulis, Knight, was killed by his auen seruants, in his housse; and the halffe of the toune of Roxbrughe was brunt by chance. 



In this zeire, 1208, Pope Innocent the 3d hauing excommunicat Johne, K. of England, and interdicted his realme, the Bischops of Sarisburrey and Rochester came to Scotland, and wer kyndly receaued by K. William, quho alloued them for ther mantinence 80 chalders of whyte and raye, 66 of barley, and 80 of ottes. 



Ther was in Maij this zeir, 1209, ane interweiu betuix K. William and Johne, K. of England, at Neucastle, for 8 dayes, without aney grate conclusione, saue only that in the following zeire, 1210, K. William did reseinge all hes lands in England in the hands of K. Johne, for neu investiture of them, to be giuuen to Prince Alexander, his eldest sone; for wich the said Prince did homage to the K. of England, Johne, at London. At this same tyme he was knighted by K. Johne, and create Earle of Huntingtone, the 17 of the [kal:] of Marche, and the 14 zeire of his age, in Ao 1210.  



This same zeir the toune of Bertha was quholly takin away with the grate inondatione of the riuers Tay and Almond; from wich K. William, with hes Grace the Prince, and hes brother Dauid, Earle of Huntingtone, werey narouly escaped by boate; for all wich ther was, notwithstanding, a sone of K. Williams and hes nursse drouned, the 22 of Nouember, 1210.

This same zeire, Johne, K. of England, subdeued almost all Irland; he killed maney churchemen, and all the mounkes of the Cisteauxe order that he could apprehend, them he ather killed ore put out ther eyes.

About Pasche this same zeire, deyed at Craumond, in Loutheane, Richard, Bis: of Dunkelden, and wes interrid at the abbey of St. Columbane, in the Ile of Emonia; and in Junij therafter, was Sr Thomas Colueill apprehendit at Edinbrughe, and comitted by the K. to closse prissone for hes rebellione.

This zeire, also, deyed Jonathan, Bis: of Dumblane, and was interrid at Inchechaffay Abbey. In Julay therafter, Gilbert, Earle of Stratherne, dewydit his earldome in 3 æquall portions; one he gaue to the Bischoprick of Dumblane, ane other to the monastarey of St. Jhone the Euangelist, and mounkes of Inchechaffrey, and the 3d portione he reserued to himselue and his heires. 



In the zeire 1211, K. Williame leweis ane armey, and in persone goes to Rosse against the rebell Gothred Mack-William, quher he bult tua castells, leauing Malcolme, Earle of Fyffe, Gouernour of Murray; he sends the Earles of Athole and Buchan, with Sr Thomas de Lundey, Knight, to searche out the rebell, quhom the said Thomas tooke prissoner, (in a grate conflicte of the rebells, 600 of them being killed,) and presented bound to William Cumin, Earle of Buchan, Grate Justiciare of Scotland, quho ouer tooke the King in his jornay south, at Kincardyne, and ther solemly did causse boule and hunge the rebel Mack-William.

This same zeire, also, wes William de Bois, by K. William, made Lord-Chanceler of Scotland; and Johne, Archdeane of Louthean, wes elected Bis: of Dunkelden. 



This zeir, 1213, deyed Reinold, Bis: of Rosse, after quhosse death Mr Androw Murray wes elected Bis: bot he, by licience from the Pope, did resienge and renunce his electione; and in his roume succidit K. Williams chaplaine. And one 5 of Agust this same zeire, Adam, Abbot of Melrosse, wes elected Bischope of Cathnes; and wes consecrat in the following zeire, by William Malwecine, Bis: of St. Andrewes. 



The 4 of the nons of December this zeir, K. William departed this lyffe, at Streueling, the 49 zeire of his rainge, and 74 of hes age; and wes colemley interrid at the monastarey of St. Thomas of Arbrothe, wnder the heighe altar, bulte and foundit by himselue.

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