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Alexander the Third (1249-1286), King of Scotland, pp.57-77.

THE 3d of the ids of Julay, in this same zeire, 1249, was K. Alexander the 3d solemly crouned at Scone.



In the zeire 1250, deyes Robert de Muschampe, and was interred at Melros; and in place of Geofrey, Bis: of Dunkelden, wes elected Mr Richard Innerketheine, the 3d of the ids of Februarij this zeire, being then Chamberlaine of Scotland.

This zeire, K. Alexander renewed the stampe of his coyne, making the crosse to tuoche the wtermost poynte of the circkell, which in his predicessors rainges it did not.

This zeire, also, in presence of K. Alexander and hes mother, at Dumfermling, wer the bones of S. Margarett, the Queine, diged vpe from the wodden coffin quherin the lay, and wer inclosed in grate boxe of golde, set with pretious stones.



This zeire, 1251, K. Alexander the 3d had a soleme interweiu with Henrey, K. of England, at Zorke, accompanied with a grate maney of the nobility of both kingdomes, about Christmissetyde; one wich day K. Alexander receauid the order of knighthood from K. Henrey; and one the 26 of December, being S. Stephans day, he solemly maried the Ladey Margarett, eldest daughter to K. Henrey of England, and ther was Allane Durwarke, Lord Cheiffe Justice of Scotland, with diuers others his complices, accussid of heighe tressone, being reveild by the King of England. The cheiffe poynt of his accusatione was, That he being Lord Cheiffe Justice of Scotland, and hauing maried the Kinges sister, that he had sent grate giftes to the Pope, and had procured the children gottin one the kings sister to be legittimat, to the end, that if aney thing should happin to the king senistrously, then that thesse legitimat children of his should succid to the Scotts croune; and by this practisse it was cleire aud euident, that the said Allans intentione was to betray both king and kingdome. As concious to this plot, wer accused lykewas, at this tyme, Walter Comyne, Earle of Menteith, William Comyne, Earle of Mar, and Robert, Abbot of Dumfermling, Chanceler of Scotland, quho was accusid that he had passed a legittimation wnder the grate seall, to the Kinges basse sister, the wyffe of Allane, Earle of Athole, Grate Justiciarey of Scotland, and being contious to himselue, he priuily fled home to Scotland, and randred vpe the grate seall to the nobility, wich they brocke in pices, till the Kinges returne, and deliuered the priuey seall wntill the grate was made, to Abel Gameline, the new elected Chanceler, therafter Bis: of St. Andrews. The cashered Chanceler, Robert, not darring to abyde the Kings justice, and home coming, shaue his croune, and randred himselue religious amongest the Cisteauxe monkes in the Abbey of Neubotle in Louthean, in the mounth of Januarij, 1252.



About the end of this same zeire, ther wer remoued from being counsellers thesse, viz. –

Walter Comyne, Earle of Menteith,

Alexander Comyne, Earle of Buchan,

Will: Comyne, Earle of Mar; and

Sr Robert Ross, the Kings cousin;

and new counsellers put in ther place.



This zeire, 1253, deyed Dauid, Bis: of St. Andrewes; in quhosse roume succidit Abell Gameline, Lord Chanceler of Scotland, quho was consecrat at Rome by the Pope.

This zeire, also, deyed Gilbert, Bis: of Galloway; to quhom succidit Henrey, Abbot of Holyrudhousse.

In this zeire, lykwayes, Patrick, Earle of Dumbar, and Allane Durwarte, in pretendit zeall for the comonwealth, with a grate armey of ther followers, came to Edinbrughe Castle, from quhence, at ther associatts, quho had gaind the Kings eare since his returne from Zorke, convaning the King and Queine to Warke Castle, to meitt with his father in law, the Englishe King Henrey, by quhosse mediation the late chosen counsellers wer remouid, and vthers put in ther places; and ther was Richard, Bis: of Dunkelden, made Chanceler, Sr Dauid Lindesay, Chamberlaine, and Allane Durwarte againe receauid to the Kinges fauoure, (for a grate defeitt and ouerthrow he had gauen to the King of Englands enmeyes) and made Lord Cheiffe Justice of Scotland for 7 zeires.



In the zeire 1254, Prince Eduard, King Henrey of Englands eldest sone, maried Ellionora, daughter to the King of Casteil, by quhom he was knighted.

This same zeire, also, deyed Pope Innocent; and in the papall chaire to him succidit Alexander.



This zeire, 1256, begane with the death of Sr Wallerane de Normanweill, quho was interrid in the abbey churche of Melros; and endit with the electione of Richard, Earle of Cornuall, brother to K. Henrey of England, to the empyre of Germaney.



In the begining of the zeire 1257, ther arrosse grate troubles in Scotland, and often it falls out in the lesse age of kines, for

Walter Comyne, Earle of Menteith,

Alex: Comyne, Earle of Buchan,

Will: Comyne, Earle of Mar,

Johne Comyne, Lord Cumbernald,

Sr Heu de Abernethy,

Sr Dauid Lochors,

Sr Heu de Berclay,

and with them a grate companey of ther frinds and followers, takes the Kinge per force out of his bed at Keanross, and leads him to Streweling, taking the Kings grate seall wiolently from Mr Robert Stutweill, the Wisce-Chanceler, the deput of Richard, Bischope of Dunkelden, Lord Chanceler of Scotland. This was done after the day of Simon and Jude, one the nixt morrow.

In this same zeire, also, deyed that holy and religious prelat Clement, Bischope of Dumblaine, quho befor hes death had excommunicat all thesse that had takin the King at Kinrosse.

Allane Durwarte, the cheiffe architecte of all this domestique broyles and mischeiues, sheilters himselue in England; his partenners flyes to the montans and remote places of the kingdome.

This zeir, also, Walter Comyne, Earle of Menteith, deyed suddenly, (as was thought poysoned by hes wyffe;) and shoe shortly therafter dispysing diuersse noble matches offred her, maried a poore Englische knight named Sr Johne Russel; at wich marriage the nobility much stormed, and fourthwith accusses her and her new married husband of the murther, and committes them both to prissone; bot shortley therafter liberat, they flee the countrey.

This zeire, lykwayes, deyed Mr Peiter Ramsay, Bis: of Aberdeine; to quhome succidit Andrew Portone, ane Englisheman. And much about the same tyme deyed William, Bis: of Glasgow, called Bodingtone, quho for a longe tyme wes Chanceler of Scotland, and honest and sincere prelat; and to him succidit Mr Nicolaus Moffet, Archdeane of Teuiotdaill, quho went to Rome to be consecrat; bot by the falls dealling of hes chanons that elected him, he was casshired, and so the sea of Glasgow waicked.



In the begining of this zeire, 1258, Walter Bullock, in right of hes wyffe, the sister of Walter, he lait poysoned Earle of Menteith, clames the said earldome as dew to him, and by the fauor of the nobility obteins the same; he paying a certaine soume of money to the relicte of Earle Walter: sho not darring to withstand the calumnes (as shoe alledged) of her potent aduersaries, fleies shamfully to England with her new maried husband.

To Clement, Bis: of Dublaine, that deyed in the peceding zeire, succidit Mr Robert de Prebenda deane of the said sea.



Mr John Chyan, ane Englisheman, consecrat at Rome Bischope of Glasgow by Pope Alexander, in Ao 1259; quho, coming to Scotland in the monthe of Junij in the subsequent zeir 1260, with grate difficultey obteined K. Alexanders fauor.



This zeire the Countesse of Menteith, that had maried Sr John Russell, complaines to Pope Wrbane, newly elected, that sho was wronged by the Scotts King and his nobility, quho had wrongfully takin her earldome from her (as shoe alledged); for the determining of which causse the Pope sent his Legat a latere; quho comes to Zorke, and ther cittes befor him Walter Bullocke, the now Earle of Menteith, with almost the quholl nobility, and cheiffe of the clergie of Scotland, to giue testimoney of the bussines. The King, finding himselue and hes prerogatiue so wronged in this bussines appealles from the Popes Legate to the Pope himselue, quher zet the contrawersey layes wndecydit.



In Marche 1262, deyes Thomas, the sone of Ranulphe, and Juliana, his spous, and wer ther solemly interred at Melrosse.



This zeire, 1263, was the batell of Largis foughtin betuix K. Alexander the 3d. and Haco, K. of Norway. Alexander Steuart, grate grand chyld to the first Walter, called of Dundonald, was generall of the Scotts armey, quho walliantly ouerthrew the Noruegian King, and hes quhol armey. This Alexander was grand father to Walter, that married the Ladey Mariorey, daughter to King Robert the 1. Few men of marcke deyed of the Scotts this day, exept Sr Peter Curee, knight, a stoute and resolute commander, Ao 16 of K. Alexander the 3ds rainge.

This same zeire, also, the Queine was brought to bed of faire sone at Jedworthe, and wes christned Alexander, by Gameline, Bis: of St. Andrewes. He was borne the 13 day of Januarij, one St. Anns day.



In Februarij, 1264, the K. of the Ile of Man mett K. Alexander at Dumfries, and became his leigeman, and ther did him homage, one conditione that quhen the K. of Norway should inwade Man, that then he should haue shelter in aney place of Scotland, and protectione from the King: and he did obleidge himselue to furnishe the King with 12 gallies of 24 ores apice, at all tymes quhen so euer the said King should employ him.

In Maij this same zeire, Alexander Comyne, Earle of Buchane, William Comyne, Earle of Mar, and Allane Durwart, with a grate armey, went to the Western Iles, and ther killed a grate maney of thesse quho had persuadit Haco, K. of Norway, to inwade Scotland, and banished the remnent, and so returned with a grate bootie.

This zeire, also, deyed Roger de Quinci, Earle of Winchester, and Grate Constable of Scotland, quhosse lands wer dewydit amongest hes 3 daughters.

This same zeire deyed Nicolaus de Souilles, Lord of Liddisdaill, at Rouan in France, the wyssest and most eloquent man that Scotland had; and to him succidit his sone William.

Dauid Hastings, Earle of Athole, Colbane, sone to the Earle of Fyffe, and diuers others, wer knighted by K. Alexander, this zeire, in September, at Scone.

This same zeire, also, the batell of Leuyes wes foughtin, in wich was takin prissoners Robert Bruis and Johne Comyne, and imprissoned in the castell of Dora.

In this zeire, after the batell of Largis, quherin Haco, K. of Norway, lost hes nephew, in grate sorrow and greiffe he came to Orkney, and ther wintred, and in Januarij deyed; to quhom succidit his sone Magnus, quho, imediatly after his fathers death, sendt the letters of diuers grate men of Scotland to King Alexander, quho had inwitted and solicit his father to inwade Scotland.



In the following zeire, 1265, King Alexander sent Reynold Roxbrughe ambassador to Norway, a mounke of Melrosse, a man learned, politicke, and eloquent, to conclude a peace and amitey with the Noruegian king; he handled hes bussines so weill, that he obteined the Westerne Iles to the Scotts croune, for the payment of 4000 merks starling, to be payed at one terme, and consigned in the Bis: of Orknayes hands.



In the zeire 1266, reynold the mounke, the Kings ambassador, returned from Norway, with the Chanceler of that kingdome, quho brought within the forsaid leauge, wich K. Alexander did solemly sueare at Scone, in Maij.

This same zeire deyed Malcolme, Earle of Fyffe, quhosse widow, after her husbands death, married the eldest sone and heire of the Earle of Mar.

Heu Giffart, Lord Zester, and Sr Robert Maners, Chamberlaine of Scotland, deyed lykwayes both of them this same zeire.



Dauid Hastings, Earle of Athole, and Adam, Earle of Carricke, with diuers vthers noblemen and knights, embraced the crosseado for the Holy Land, wiche was inoynd this zeir, 1267, by Pope Clement, and proclamed heir in Scotland by hes Legat, Octobonus. This same Legat also inioyned the haill clergie and churche of Scotland to the tent of all ther churche leuings for a zeire to the King of England, wich they altogidder refused.

In Marche, this zeir, deyed the King of Man, quhosse widdow, the daughter of Ewen of Argyle, was therafter maried to Malise, Earle of Stratherne.

This zeire deyed also the Countesse of Mar, sister to Alexander Comyne, Earle of Buchan; and Adam, Lord of Dalkeith, and hes daughter Lora, and wer solemly interred at Melros.



In the 1268, departed this lyffe Johne, Bis: of Glasgow, at Meldram, quher he was interred; in quhosse rome was elected William Witchard, Lord Chanceler of Scotland, quho deyed also within 3 dayes after his election; and in hes roume wes elected and consecrat hes nephew, Roberte Witchard, Archdeane of Louthean.

In Nouember, this zeire, deyed Johne Ederhame, Abbot of Melros; and in his place succidit Robert Keldelight, a mounke of Neubotell, sometyme Lord Chanceler of Scotland, in the 1 zeire of K. Alex: the 2d.



This zeire, 1269, the King was troubled to composse a contrawersey that had arrissen betuix Dauid Hastings, Earle of Athole, and Johne Comyne, for a castell called Blare, built by Johne in preiudice of Dauid, as he alledgett; wich castell the King ordaned Jhone to dispone to Earle Dauid, and he to giue him 500 merkes, in redey money, for the same.

This zeire Sr Reynold Le Chine demitted hes office of Grate Chamerlane of Scotland; and in hes place succidit one much beloued by the King and nobility, viz. Sr Thomas, the sone of Thomas, the sone of Randell.

This same zeire, in December, deyed St. Lewes, the French King, at Tunis, in Affrick, feighting aganist the Saracens; and with him Dauid, Earle of Athole, quhosse bones wer brought home to Scotland, and interred in the cathedrall churche of Dunkelden.

This zeire, also, deyed Al Buine, Bis: of Brechin, to him succidit William Kelonacke; and Lora, Countesse of Athole; shoe was interred at Melros.

This zeire, lykwayes, deyed Johne Balioll, that foundit a colledge at Oxford, in England.

And in September deyed Adam de Kilcontache, Earle of Carrick, at Acon in Palestina; quhosse vidow, Dina, Countesse of Carricke, was therafter married to Robert de Bruis the zounger.



In Februarij this zeire, 1270, William Comyne, Earle of Mar, and Simon, Abbot of Dumfermling, wer sent ambassadors to England, for the earledome of Huntingtone.

In Appryle, this zeire, deyed Colbane, Earle of Fyffe, leuing a sone of 8 zeirs of age to succeid him, quhosse warde and marriage wes giuen to Prince Alexander, the Kings eldeste sone, wntill the heire wer past hes minoritey.

This same zeire, also, deyed Walter de Baltrodi, Bis: of Cathnes; and in his sea succeided Nicoll, Abbot of Scone.

One Michelmisse day, at Scone, K. Alexander knighted Donald, sone to William, Earle of Mar.

This zeir William de Ferriers, sone to the Countesse of Ferriers, (shoe was the elder daughter of Roger de Quinci, Earle of Winchester, and Grate Constable of Scotland,) married the widdow of Colbane, Earle of Fyffe, laitly dead; Alexander Comyne, Earle of Buchan, being forced to repone him to the place and dignitey of Grate Constable of Scotland, quherof he had possesed himselue, pretending a right from hes wyffe, shoe being the zoungest daughter of Roger, Earle of Winchester.



This zeire, 1271, the King keipt 5 bischoperickes waickand in his auen hand, viz.

St. Andrewes,



In Maij, 1272, Robert Witcharte, at the sollicitatione of Wiliam Witcharte, Lord Chanceler of Scotland, is promotted to the bischoperick of Glasgow, being formerly Archdeane of Loutheane; and at Michellmesse, at Hadingtone, William de Soulis, the sone and heire of Nicoll, Lord Liddisdaill, is solemly knighted by K. Alexander.

This same zeire, also, deyed that gallant and generous noble mane, Malisse, Earle of Stratherne, in France; quhosse corpes wer embalmed and brought home to Scotland, and solemly interred at Dumblaine: and in the mounthe of Nouember deyed Robert, Bis: of Ross, quho did bulde Rossemarkey; and to him succidit Robert, the Archdeane of Ross.



This same zeire, lykwayes, deyes Adam, Earle of Carrick, in the Holy Land, leuing one only daughter, his heire, named Martha, quha succidit him in the earledome, and married Robert Bruce, Lord of Anandaill and Cleueland, at his castell of Turnburrey, in Ao 1273, betuix quhome was procreat the noble and walliant K. Robert the I.

One St. Magnus day, this zeire, deyed the grate Chamberlaine of Scotland, Richard Innerkethin, Bis: of Dunkelden, a worthey prelat, and a werey faithfull counseller; his corps wer interrid in the cathedrall church at Dunkelden, and hes harte wes sent to the queire of St. Columbans church in Emona. To him succidit in the sea his auen deane, Robert de Stutmutts, the Kings cousin.

Machabeus, this zeire elected Bis: of Rosse, is consecrat by the Pope himselue at Rome.

This zeir, also, William Frasser, deane of Glasgow, is by K. Alexander created Lord Chanceler of Scotland.

This zeire, at Zorke, ther was a soleme interwieu betuix K. Alexander and the King of England, befor quhom ther was debaitit a grate contrawersey betuix Johne Comyne and Walter Bullock, for the earldome of Menteith; in respecte that William, the eldest sone of Johne Comyne, had married the only daughter of the last Countesse, quha was the undoubted and righteous heire of the earledome of Menteithe.

About this same tyme deyed Robert, Abbot of Melros, formerly Abbot of Dumfermling, and Lord Chanceler of Scotland.



In the zeire 1274, William, the electe Bis: of Brechin, after he had longe danceit attendance at the courte of Rome for his consecratione, ther deyed; after quhom wes elected William, a frair predicant, quho, for the smallnesse of the benefice, wold not accept; and shortly after deyed Mathew, Bis: of Ross, after quhome was elected to that sea, Thomas de Fyuine.

This zeire, deyed Margarett, Queine of Scotland, daughter to Henrey, and sister to Eduard, Kinges of England, at Couper Castle, 4 of Marche, and wes interred at Dumfermling.



This zeire, 1275, deyed that actiue and gallant knight, Allane Durwarte, some tyme Earle of Atholl, and wes interred in the abbey churche of Couper in Angus, leuing 3 daughters, his heirs, amongest quhom his lands ware equally dewydit.

This zeire, the mounckes and clergey of the Cistertian Order in Scotland, gaue a subsidey for all ther order to Bagundus, the Popes Legat, of 50,000 merkes, towards the charge of Holy war.

This zeir, Mr Archbald, Archdene of Murray, and Frair William, of the order of predicants, are consecrat Bishops of Cathnes and Brechin.



This zeire, also, Deruorgilla, the daughter of Allane, Earle of Galloway, foundit the Abbey of Sueitharte, in Galloway, in Ao 1276.



In the zeire 1277, flourished Jacobus de Voragine, quho wreat that booke called Legenda Aurea.



About the letter end of the mounthe of Marche, 1278, Rodolphe, the Emperour, ouerthrowes Ottoacer, King of Bohemia, and from him recouers Austria, by wich occasione Austria came to the Earles of Habspurge.



In Aguste, 1279, deyed Dauid, 2d sone to K. Alexander the 3d, at Streuelin Castle, and wes interrid at Dumfermling amongest the kinges.



This zeire, 1280, Prince Alexander, K. Alexander the 3d eldest sone, at Roxbrughe, the Sunday after St. Martins day, was solemly married to the Earle of Flanders daughter, with grate feasting and triumphe.



In Maij, 1281, the Ladey Margaret, K. Alexander the 3ds eldeste daughter, was solemily maried to Haco, K. of Norway, quho tooke shipping for Norway the 14 day of Agust following, this same zeire, with a grate traine, to accompaney her home to Norway; the chieffe amongest them were, Walter, Earle of Menteith, and hes Countesse; Abbot of Balmurenache; Sr Bernard Mouat, knight; with diuers others. The said Abbot and Sr Bernard wer bothe drouned in ther returne home, with 30 persons more.



This zeir, 1282, Duncane, the sone of Colbane, Earle of Fyffe, hauing past his minority, entred to the possesione of his earldome.



This zeire, 1283, wes a werey sorrowfull zeire for Scotland; for in September deyed the kingdomes hope, Prince Alexander, in the 20 zeire of his age, at the Abbey of Londors, and wes solemly interred at Dumfermlinge; and within a mounthe after his death, deyed his sister, the Ladey Margarett, Queine of Norway, hauing liued not aboue a zeire and 6 mounthes maried to K. Haco. By him she had one only daughter, named Margarett, quha deyed a chyld lykwayes.



This zeire, 1284, Tangador, the Tartarian king of Persia, that became a Mahometan, is killed in batell by Argon, quho was solemley crounid King of Persia, and maney other kingdomes; he was a grate fauorer of the Christians, and one that inclynid much to administer justice.



In Agust, 1285, K. Alexander the 3d being muche pressed by the Lords of hes counsell, and also by the estaits of the kingdome, to marrey, he sent ambassadors, Thomas Tartar, Lord Chanceler of Scotland, Sr Patrick Grhame, Sr Williame St. Claire, and Sr Johne de Soulis, Knights, to France, ther to weed him a wyffe; quho brought with them, in the begining of Februarij, 1286, home to Scotland, Joletta, the daughter of the Earle of Dreuxe, or Droco, in France, a beutifull and comiley ladey. Shoe was maried to the King solemly at Jedwood, with grate feasting, the Sunday after her arriuall to Scotland.



The 14 day of Appryle, 1286, K. Alexander, hunting a litle bewest Kingorne, apairt from his traine, the courser quherone he red rusht to the ground with him, with a full strenthe, and flinges the King quyte from him; by wich fall he crooke hes neck bone, and so presently departed this lyffe, without speaking one word. His corpes wer enbalmid, and solemily interrid at Dumfermling amongest his predicessors. Neuer was ther more lamentatione and sorrow for a king in Scotland, then for him; for the nobility, clergie, and, aboue all, the gentrey and comons, bedoued hes coffin for 17 dayes space with riuoletts of teares.

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