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James, the Fifth of that Name (1513-1542), King of Scotland, pp.238-275.


THE 21 of December, this same zeire, 1513, K. James, being a chyld of one zeire, 5 mounthes, and 10 dayes old, is crounid at Streueling, in a conventione of the estaits.

At this same tyme, the Queine mother is declared Regent of the realme, with this restrictione, to conclude no thing in matters of gouerniment, without the especiall adwysse and consent of James Betton, Archbis: of Glasgow, Lord Chanceler, and of the Earls of Huntley, Angus and Arrane.

The estaits sends Lyone King of Armes to France, with letters for Johne, Duck of Albaney.

The Duck of Albaney, this same zeir, returns the Lyone K. of Armes, and with him Monseur de la Bautey, with letters to the Queine Regent and nobilitey.

About the end of this same zeire, in a conventione of the estaits haldin at Perth, the Duck of Albaney is chossen Gouernour, and protector of the Kings persone and realme.



This zeire, 1514, trewes concludit with England for a zeire and a day.

Henrey the 8, by hes ambassador, labors all he can that the Duck of Albaney be not receauid Gouernour, notwithstanding the estaits of the kingdome, in a publick meitting at Edinbrughe, this zeire, ratifie ther former electione of him; and they send Lyone K. of Armes, and Sr Patrick Hamiltone, with letters to the Duck, to France, to signifie of ther constant electione of him. K. Henrey the 8, of England, dealls with the Frenche King to stay the Ducke in France, bot in waine.

The Pope sends his Legat, with a consecrat cape and suord, this zeire, to the zounge King, with a bull of indulgence, and a letter condoling his fathers death, and congratulating his accesse to the croune.

The 30 day of Apryle, this same zeire, the Queine is brought to bed, at Streueling castle, of a sone; christned Alexander.

Sturrs arrysse amongest the nobilitey this zeire, also; some wold haue a firme peace concludit with England, wthers not: so the Queine Regent, to pacifie matters, calls a conventione of the estaits at Edinbrughe, the 12 day of Julay, quherine all matters were debaitit, jelosies remoued, and ambassadors sent to England for ratificatione of the peace.

Ja: Ogiluey, Abbot of Drybrughe, Lyone K. of Armes, and Sr Patrick Hamiltone, returnes from France, with letters from the Frenche King, and Duck of Albaney, excussing his slownesse in coming home to accept the gouerniment.

The Queine Regent, this same zeir, without the adwysse of her brother, K. Henrey the 8, or of the nobilitey, one a suddaine marries Archbald Douglas, Earle of Angus; quherat Betton, the Chanceler, much repyns. The Earle of Angus takes him in the toune of Pearthe, and takes the grate seall from him. Of this indignitey, the Chanceler adwertisses the nobility; they rysse in armes, and the Queine Regent, with her husband, flee to the Englische border.

Lewis the 12, K. of France, deyes at Paris this zeire, after he had concludit a peace with England; to quhom succeids Francis de Valois, Duck of Angolseme.

Marey, the Queine douager of France, laitly married to Lewis the 12, befor his deathe, and sister to K. Henrey the 8, returnes to England, and is maried to Charles Brandon, quhom K. Henrey creats of Earle, Ducke of Suffolke.

William Elphingstone, Bischope of Aberdeine, Keiper of the Priuey Seal, counseller to K. James the 3d, fourte and 5, deyes this zeire, the 8 day of Nouember; a wysse, learnid and religious pralat.

The Lord de la Bautye, and some companies of Frenche, receaue, this zeire, the castell of Dumbar from Robert Forman, Deane of Glasgow, as Gouernour therof wnder Jhone, Duck of Albaney; for quhosse souerty it was, by the estaits, deliuered to the Lord Le Bautye, his seruant.

A grate debait fell out, this zeire, betuix Jhone Hepburne, Prior of St. Andrewes, by his chanons elected Archbischope, and Gauin Douglas, Bischope of Dunkelden, elected by the Queine Regent; bot Hepburne possesis himselue of St. Andrews castle.

The realme dewydit in tuo factions, the one quherof was of the Queine Regent and Earle of Angus, and ther adherents; the wther of the Earle of Arrane, and diuersse of the nobilitey. Arrane takes Dumbrittone castle by a strategeme, and remowes the Lord Erskyne, keiper therof.



In the begining of this zeir, 1515, at the earnist sollicitatione of the Queine Regent, with the Duck of Albaney, with the Frenche King, and he, with the Pope, Androw Forman, Bischope of Murray, is confirmed Archbischope of St Andrewes.

In the begning of Marche, this zeire, ther was a conuentione of the estaits at Steuelin; quherin nothing was concludit, bot all thinges delayed till the arriual of the Duck of Albaney.

In Apryle, this zeire, 3 mounthes trewes concludit with England.

In the mounthe of Junij, this zeire, the Duck of Albaney landes from France, at Aire. He is honorably receaued, and comes to Edinbrugh, the 7 of this same mounth, quher he is welcomid with triumphes and pagents; and in a conventione of the estaits, takes one him the gouerniment.

The Duck of Albaney, thus initiat in hes gouernment, calls a parliament, to be haldin at Edinbrughe one Thursday the 12 of Julij, this same zeire, quherin maney lawes wer made; and the Gouernour, to shew his justice, with adwysse of the estaits of the realme, forfaults the Lord Drumond, for stricking Lyone K. of Armes with his hand; bot ther after, by the Lyons earnist sollicitatione, with the Duck and nobilitey, the said Lord was restored, and hes forfaultrey repealled: he humbly, one his knees, acknouledging his offence to the estaits, and submitting of himselue to the Lyones will.

After the breaking vpe of the parliament, ther was a plot (of conwaying the infant King away to England,) discouered to the Gouernour; quho presently comits the young King and hes brother to the saue custodey of 4 noblemen, then esteimed best patriotts. This acte of the Duckes, with the taking of Streuelinge castle, incenses the Queine mother aganist him; quher vpone the Duck banishes the Lord Home, quho playes the deiuell in the borders, and committs maney wicked actes.

This zeire, the Queine and her husband, the Earle of Angus, flee to England, and by the Lord Dackers are conwayed to Harbotle castell, quher sho remained wntill the tyme shoe was brought to bed of a daughter, christned Margarett, therafter maried to Mathew, Earle of Lennox. She was grandmother to K. Ja: 6.



About the begning of this zeire, 1516, the Lord Home, with his tuo brethren, submitt themselues to the Gouernours mercey, and fall at hes feeit. He sends them prissoners to Edinbrughe castle, to the custodey of the Earle of Arrane; quher they remained wntill the 1 of October this same zeire, from quhence they all, with Arrane, escapes, and are declared rebells.

Arrans mother, this zeire, makes his peace with the Gouernour.

The Earles of Murray and Erole makes a grate sture in Edinbrughe, this zeire, aganist the Earle of Huntley; bot the Gouernour apprehends them all, and committs them to prissone, and so pacifies the matter.

Lyone K. of Armes is sent, this zeire, with letters to England; and is takin one the border, neire to Caldstreame, and his letters takin from him by Lord Home, then in rebellione, and detained closse prissoner aye, and quhill the Ladey Home, his mother, was releassed out of Dumbar castle.

Alexander, Duck of Rothesay, the Kings brother, deyes at Streuelinge castle, the 15 day of Januarij, the same zeire.

The trewes are continewed betuix Scotland and England for 3 mounths longer, viz. to Witsonday this zeire.

The Earle of Arrane againe breakes out, and with him the Earles of Lennox and Glencairne; bot the wisdome of the Gouernour does pacifie them, for he liberally bestowes one them and ther frinds, diuerrs dignities and churche benifices and promotions.

The Gouernour wsses grate clemencey towardes the stubburne nobility; for he restores the Lord Home to all his lands and honors, communicats his affaires to Angus, and relieues Pantar, a longe prissoner in Inchegaruey.

This zeire, Donald Robertsone of Strowan, for maney willannes comitted by him, is beheadit at Logereat, this zeire, by the Gouernours command.

The nobilitey cleiues to the Gouernour, and reiects K. Henrey the 8 of Englands suitt, quho labored earnistly to haue him remoued from the gouerniment.

The 26 of October this zeire, the Lord Home and hes brother Alexander, are beheadit at Edinbrughe, and ther heads, to the terror of others, fixed one Edinbrughe tolbuithe.

The Gouernour, Johne, Duck of Albaney, this zeire, in a conventione of the estaits of the realme, haldin at Edinbrughe, nixt the King, declaired aire apparent to the croune.

This zeire, ther arrosse a debait betuix the Gouernour and hes brother Alexander, the eldest sone of wnquhill Alexander, Duck of Albaney, begottin one the Earle of Orknayes daughter, anent the successione to the croune, (if the King should depairt this lyffe without heires lawfully gottin of his auen bodey) reconceilled, and Alexander reseings his right in fauors of his brother, the Gouernour; and in recompence getts the Bischopericke of Murray and Abbey of Scone.

De la Bautey, in place of the Lord Home, is made Warden of the Borders; and shortly therafter is killed by the Homes.



In Januarij this zeire, 1517, the Gouernour, with adwysse of the estaits, creates the Lord Fleminge, Chamberlaine of Scotland, in place of the Lord Home.

This zeire, the Gouernour, with adwysse of the estaits, sends the Bischope of Dunkelden, and the Earle of Glencairne, ambassadors to France, quho renewes the ancient leauge and amitey betuix the tuo realmes.

The 1 of Maij this zeire, the Lord Gouernour returnes to France; and during his absence, committs the gouerniment to the Archbischopes of St. Andrews and Glasgow, and to the Earles of Huntley, Argyle, Angus and Arrane.

This zeire, the young King is brought to Edinbrughe castle, and committed to the educatione and saue custodey of the Earle Marishall, and the Lordes Erskyne, Borthwick and Ruthwen.

The 1 of Julay this zeire, the Queine, hering of the Gouernours going to France, returns to Scotland, bot is not suffred to see her sone, till, for feare of the plauge of pestilence, (wich then raged in thesse pairts,) he remoued to Cragmiller castle.

The 6 Regents conveine the estaits, and fourfault the Laird of Wedderburne and his associats, the murtherers of the Lord de la Bautye, Warden of the Marches, and imprissone George Douglasse, brother to the Earle of Anguse, and Marke Ker, for keiping correspondencey with Wedderburne.

This zeire, the ambassadors returne from France, and with them are Maurice, with 500 French shouldiours, to quhome, in the Gouernours name, Dumbar castle is deliuered.

Francis, the Frenche King, this zeir, concludes a peace with K. Henrey the 8, of England, and leaues out the kingdome of Scotland, contraire hes faith and promisse; for wich the Queine and nobilitey vpbraid both the Frenche King and Albaney, the Gouernour, as wiolators of the suorne leauge and amitey betuix the crouns of France and Scotland.



In the mounth of Junij, this zeir, 1518, Gauin Dumbar, Clerke Register, and Archdeane of St. Andrewes, in place of Alexander Gordon, laitley deceassed, is aduanced to the Bischoperick of Aberdeine.

In Agust, this same zeire, the Queine mother conceaues a jelosiey aganist her husband, the Earle of Angusse, and can haue no quyet in mynd wntill shoe be deuorced from him; the causse of shewinng this diuorce shoe does pretend to be, that befor ther marriage he had giuen his faith and treuth to the Earle of Bothwells daughter.



This zeir, in the begining of Marche, 1519, Francis, the Frenche King, purges himselue, by his ambassador, quhey he did not comprehend the Scotts in the peace laitly concludit betuix him and England.

The 23 of Julay, this zeire, a man possesed with the deiuell, being stark mad, in Dundie, kills a religious noblewoman, of the order of St. Francis, and 2 others, quherof one big with chyld, and three men.

A grate tumult in Edinbrughe, this zeire, against the Earle of Arrane, ther Gouernour and Prouest, one quhome they clossed ther ports. The sturer vpe of this commotione in Edinbrughe, was thought to be the Earle of Angus, betuix quhom and Arrane ther arrosse a mightey hattred, wich bred a werey grate factione amongest the nobilitey; some parting one, and some the other, as ther seuerall inerests lead them.

Monseur de la Fiat, and one Cordell, a religious man, wer sent wnto Scotland, this zeire, by the Frenche King, as his ambassadors; and with them, from K. Henrey the 8, Clarentiaux, one of the prouinciall kings of armes of England, quho does conclude a peace with the Earle of Arrane and his factione, at Steueling, for a zeire, quherat Angusse and his factione much repynned.



In Januarij, this zeire, 1520, a grate debait hapined betuix the Earle of Angusse, and the Laird of Ferneyhirst, anent the holding of a courte in the Forrest of Jedbrughe.

The 2d of Maij, this same zeire, ther was a feight in Edinbrughe, betuix the Earles of Arrane and Angusse, quherin the Earle of Eglintons eldest sone and Sr Patrick Hamilton wer killed; Arrane and hes brother, with the Archbischope of Glasgow, fled the toune.



The Duck of Albaney, adwertissed of the intestine discordes amongest the nobility in Scotland, resolues to returne, and lands at Garloche, in Galloway, the thrid of December, this zeir, 1521, and from thence to Edinbrughe, the 9 of this same mounthe.



The Gouernour indicts a parliament to be haldin at Edinbrughe the 24 of Julay, this zeire; and by it, by a herauld, with sound of trumpet, at Edinbrughe crosse, he cittes the Earle of Angus, and his brother, the prior of Coldinghame, with the Lairdes of Dalhousie, Somerwaill, Wedderburne, Cambusnethein, Langtone, and diuers others of that factione, to compeire befor the parliament, and to rander ane accompt of ther leude and wicked prankes.

Gauin Douglas, Bischope of Dunkelden, heiring of the citatione, and how all thinges went vpesyde doune with Angus, he secretly, this zeir, fleis to England, and departs this lyffe at London shortly therafter.

The Queine sollicits the Gouernour and haill estaits, not to forfault the Earle of Angus and his brother; so that one his earnist sollicitatione, they are only exyled to France, during the Gouernours pleasure.

K. Henrey the 8, of England, this zeire, by his herauld Zorke, charges the Duck of Albaney, the Gouernour, to returne to France; bot the Duck returns him a magnanimous, tarte and bytting anssuer.

About this tyme, also, deyes Androw Forman, Archbis: of St. Andrewes, and to him succeids James Betton, Archbis: of Glasgow; and the Kinges master, Gauin Dumbar, was preferrid to the sea of Glasgow. He was a religious and learnid prælat, therafter he was Lord Chanceler of Scotland.

Charles the 5, the Emperour, incitts K. Henrey the 8, to warre aganist Francis, the Frenche King; quhervpone he commands all Frenche and Scotts within his dominions, to depairt by a sett day, and confiscats all ther goods.

The French King incitts the Scotts by his letters, to inwade England; the Gouernour calls a conventione of the estaits at Edinbrughe, the 9 of Agust, this zeire, and immediatly therafter raisses ane armey and marches towards Carleill, and intreatts the nobilitey to inwade England; they anssuer him, that they onlie came to defend ther auen borders from the Englishe, not to inwade thers. After much debait, they concludit to pitche ther tents ther, and see if the Englishe wold inwade them. The Queine was thought to be the authore of this backwardnesse of the nobilitey; and, about the 11 of September, they send 3 ambassadors to England to conclude a peace, bot finding K. Henrey so rigide in his demands, they returne without aney conclusione at all; so that the borders breck out a new.



The Duck of Albaney, the Gouernour, returnes to France this zeir, 1523, and craues the Frenche Kings aide aganist the Englishe.

K. Francis aids the Scotts, this zeir, with shipes and amunitione against the Englishe.

The Duck of Albaney, the Gouernour, this zeire returns from France, escapes the Englishe layed for him; he ships in at Brest, in Brittanzie, and lands at Kerkubright, the 7 of October.

The Earle of Surrey spoyles the toune and monastarey of Jedbrughe, this zeire.

The Gouernour nou being returned, conwocats the estaits, and eloquentley displayes to them the affectione and loue of the Frenche King and natione, wehemently persuading them with maney waightey arguments, to warr aganist England; and imediatly he raisses ane armey, and enters England, the 15 of Nouember, this same zeire; hopping that the Earle of Surrey, then layinng neir Alnwick with 20,000 men, wold giue him batell; bot the Earle had no such intentione; nather wold he rancounter thesse from quhome no thing wes to be gained bot blowes. Then layes the Duck seidge to Warke castle, bot in waine; and with the wther halffe of his armey, he spoyles all Glendaill and Northumberland, to the walls of Alnwicke, and returnes with a grate buttey. Bot shortley therafter, by the Queins mediatione with her brother, K. Henrey, ther was a peace concludit betuix bothe kingdomes, to the no small honor of Albaney, the Gouernour, quhosse walor had forced England and Surrey to a peace; bot within lesse than halffe a zeire, Surrey returns neire weare weake, by the mutuall incursions of the borderers of both kingdomes.



About the begning of this zeire, 1524, Francis, the French King, is takin prissoner in Italey, at the batell of Pauia, by the armey of Emperour Charles the 5, and sent prissoner to Spaine.

This zeire, the Lord Maxswoll, and Sr Alexander Jardane, neire Carleill, in a grate conflickte with the Englishe, of quhom they kill 900, and take 300 prissoners.

The Duck of Albaney, the Gouernour, takes his leive of the King, then at Streueling, and of the nobilitey, and returns to France, from quhence he did not returne.

The Earle of Angus, this zeire, returns from exyle, and wioletts hes faith giuen, in returning be England befor the tyme limitt of his exyle was expyred.

Queine mother, this zeire, comes from Streueling to Edinbrughe castle, the King not opposing; and, by the addwysse and counsell of the Lord Maxswoll, then Prouest of Edinbrughe, shoe reassumes the gouerniment of the realme.

King Henrey the 8, being werey glade at the deperture of the Duck of Albaney, sends one Magnus, a laweyer, and Sr Roger Ratcleiffe, his ambassadors to Scotland, for a peace; they imput all the causse of the bypast warr to Albaney, and concluds with the Queine and nobilitey a peace for a zeire.

The Queine Regents furrey and hattred, dayley incresses more and more aganist hir husband, the Earle of Angus, wich dewydes the quholl kingdome in tua factions.

Gilbert, Earle of Cassiles, Robert Cockburne, Bischope of Dunkelden, and Mill, Abbot of Cambuskenethe, ar by the Queine and her counsell sent ambassadors to England. They wer kyndly wellcomed by K. Henrey, and had audience at Greinwinche, neire London; the sume of ther negotiatione was deliuered to K. Henrey, in ane eloquent oratione, by the Bischope of Dunkelden, in the Latine tounge, that to the effecte that a durable and lasting peace might be concludit betuix both crounes, that the Ladey Marey, K. Henreyes eldest daughter, might be married to K. James. The Englishe harde this message with grate gladnes, and returned them 3 proposals;

1. That they should breake and for euer renounce ther leauge with France.

2dly. That one the same termes (as formerly with France,) they should conclude a perpetual amitey and leauge with England.

3dly. That the younge Scotts King, till he war fitt for marriage, might be educat at the courte of England. Bot all this grate and shyning ambassey euanished lyke a shadow.

Ther was suche a fearfull tempest of wind for 6 dayes in Scotland, this zeire, that by it maney churches and housses were ruined and blowen doune.



The Queine Regent, this zeire, conuocatts the estaits in Maij, 1525, at Edinbrughe, quherin nothing was done for the publicke, bot shoe and her factione strengthning themselues aganist her husband, the Earle of Angus and his.

The Earles of Angus, Lennox and Argyle, with the Bischopes of St. Andrews, Aberdeine and Dumblaine, and ther factione, that she wold not dishonor the estaits in keiping the King, as he war a prissoner in Edinbrughe castle.

Angus beseidges the King in Edinbrughe castle, and suffers not aboue a dayes prouisione for the Kings auen table, to goe thither at once.

The King, this zeire, by the adwisse of some good men, and his mother, calls a parliament to be haldin at Edinbrughe, the 6 of Marche, to wich he comes in persone, in royall robes, and the croune one hes head and scepter in his hand, and ther solemley takes one himselue the gouerniment; wich acte of his makes all former factions euanishe.

In this parliament the King, with the adwisse of his estaits, makes choysse, to be off his priuey counsell, of the

     Earles of Angus,





   Lords Drumond,




    Arch: St. Andrewes,



   Bisch. Dunkelden.

Thesse wer chossen to be the Kings priuey counsell, for gouernment of the realme, with this caueat, that they should conclude no acte, nor doe any deid off importance, without the Kings adwysse and consent obteined therto, and that by the Queins knowledge.

The 12 of Appryle, this zeire, the ambassadors returne from England, and the Earle of Cassiles makes a full accompt to the King and counsell of ther negotiatione with England, and ther concludinng of a peace to last for three zeires and three mounthes; and how that the motione anent the marriage had beine sleighted by them, a purposse to elide K. Henreyes 3 wnresonable demands.

The fained frindschipe betuix the Queine mother and her husband, the Earle of Angus, bursts out in freche troubles againe, this same zeire.

The Earle of Angus violentley takes one him the gouerniment, and retanes the King in effecte a prissoner with him; during wich tyme he, the Earle of Lennox, and George Douglas, his auen brother, frely disposses vpone all affaires both of churche and staite.

The Queine, the Archbischope of St. andrewes, with the Earles of Argyle, Arrane and Murray, demand the King of the Earle of Angus to be sett at libertey; he anssuers ther demand werey subtilley. At last the King intreats the nobilitey that they wold tak him per force from Angus, that misgouernid all vnder the shaddow of his name, and zet in effecte keipt him more lyke a prissoner then a King.

To liberat the King, the Queine and nobilitey raisse ane armey; Angus forces the King to marche in the wanguard aganist thesse that was seiking to releiue him; they, wnderstanding that the King was in the armey aganist them, (for fear of his persone) they reteir without so muche as a strocke; quhervpone Angus and his associats waxes insolent, and he extorts the grate seall from the Archbischope of St. Andrews, then Lord Chanceler, and playes Rex in all the schenes off that comedey.

This same zeire, also, the Queine mother obteines sentence of diuorce from her husband, the Earle of Angus, befor the Legat and the officiall of the Metropolitan of St. Andrewes; and shortly therafter marries Henrey Steuarte, sone to the Lord Auendaill, quhom King Ja: 5 therafter, to honor his mother, created Lord Methuen, and maister of the ordinance.



In the begining of this zeire, 1526, the King goes to Jedbrughe, with his jayler, the Earle of Angus; at wich tyme the Laird of Buccleuch, with 100 horsse, endeuored to liberat the King from his bold tutor, in a conflicte at Melross. Bot that bickring did not produce the wished effecte.

The Earle of Lennox, this same zeire, seinng Buccleuchs attempt to haue not takin the wished effecte, endeuors to releiue the King himselue; they feight for it at Linlithgow, and the Earle of Lennox is killed.

This zeire the Shriffe of Aire kills the Earle of Cassiles; and Macklanan, Laird of Bombie, is killed by Sr Johne Campbell at Edinbrughe; and the Leslies and the Forbessis in the north, haue maney bickrinnges this zeire lykwayes.

This zeire, lykwayes, James Malcomesone kills the Laird of Malcomtoche, and therafter he and his associatts fleis to the Ile of the Loche of Rothemurchus; bot being apprehendit by Mackintoches kinred, they were all of them cutt in peices.

About the end of this zeire, ther does arrysse new sturres in the north, betuix the Earle of Murray and Calcomtoches; the King giues the Earle ane armey aganist them, quho in werey shorte space ouerthrowes them all, and hanges aboue 200 of them.



This zeire, 1527, is Patrick Hamiltone, Abbot of Ferne, and brother sone to the Earle of Arrane, brunt at St. Andrews, by the wicked and corrupt clergy ther, for professing the gospel.



The King, this zeire, 1528, beseidges the castell of Edinbrughe, wich the Queine mother and her husband had held and fortified aganist Angus; bot sho hering that the King was ther in persone, presently causes opin the gaittes, and one her knees craues pardon at her sonnes handes, for her husband and his brother, wiche sho obtaines.

This zeire, by a solemne acte and edicte, beinng now 17 zeires of age compleit, the King takes on himselue the gouerniment of the realme.

The King, this zeire, by a herauld, charges the Earle of Angus to confynment within the prouince of Murray, ther to remaine wnder the paine of deathe; he is citted by this same herauld, lykwayes, to compeire befor the King and his estaits, in a parliament to be haldin at Edinbrughe, the 22 of this same month of Januarij, quherin he and hes brother George are declared traitors, and forfaulted; wich they heiring, imediatly flees to England.

This zeire, in Junij, the King beseidges Tantallon castle, in Haddingtone shyre, belonging to the forfaulted Earle of Angus, and takes it.



In the monthe of Junij, this zeire, 1529, a grate feight betuix the Earle of Cathnes and the Lord St. Clair, and the inhabitants of Orknay, for the right of thesse Iles; in wich fight the Orknaymen wer wictors, and the Earle of Cathnes was killed.

The 27 of Julay, this zeire, the King causses behead Cockburne of Henderland, and Adam Scote, the chieffe leaders of the Limers and broken men of the borders; and, at the same tyme, imprissons the Earle of Bothuell, that fauored them: then confines he him to Aberdeine, and shortley therafter to Murray, and at last, by strick sentence, exyles him the kingdome; quho reteired himselue to Italey.

This same zeire, lykwayes, the King imprissons the Lords Maxswoll and Home, with the Lairdes of Buccleuch, Fernihurst, Pollard, Jhonston and Marke Ker, as the cheiffs of the brokin men in the borders; and becausse they had winked at ther willanies, and giuen them way, quheras they, by ther pouer and authoritey, might haue restrained them.

And about this tyme, the King marches to the feildes with his armey, surwayes the borders, apprehends 48 of the principallest rogues and cuthrotts, with ther leader, Jhone Armestrange, and hanges them all.

In Agust, this same zeire, light candells appeire one the topes of the mountans, neir Stirling, befor the sune; and 2 battalions of armed men seeme to skirmishe, in order of batell, in the firmament, to the grate astonishment of maney thousands that did behold the same.



This zeire, 1530, the Laird of Tulliallane was beheidit the first day of Marche, for killing Mr James Inglis, Abbot of Culrosse; and with him a mounck of the same abbey, a cheiffe author of the Abbots slaughter.

The Earle of Angus, this zeir, inceitts King Henrey of England to invade Scotland.



A parliament haldin at Edinbrughe, the zeire 1531, by historians remembred, wich is not amongest the printed statutes of this King, quherin maney actes was made aganist rebells, sorcerers and broken men; wich lawes, during his rainge, he caused be strickly obserued, and wold neuer passe from the prosecutione of the same to the rigor, aganist offenders.



This zeire, 1532, Pope Clement the 7, and the Frenche King, haue ane interweiue at Nice; and shortly therafter, in this same zeire, the Kings of England and France haue ane interweu at Bolloyne.



This zeire, 1533, K. Henrey the 8, of England, hauinng, vpone scruple of conscience, as he pretendit, repudiat his wyffe, Cathrine of Spaine, by wich acte he both exasperats the Emperour Charles and Pope Clement the 7 aganist him; and immediatley he married Anna Bullen, quhom he had laitley created Marchionesse of Winchester. Sho bore to him a daughter, christned Elizabeth, the 22d of September, this same zeire.

The Pope sends his Legat to Scotland, this zeire, quho arriued at Edinbrughe the 16 of Junij. His legacey was to exhort the Kings maiestey not to follow the footesteps of his wnckell, King Henrey the 8, quho, as he auerred, had made defectione from the Roman churche. The King so anssuered the Legat, that he depairted weill satisfied.

This same zeire, K. James instituts the Colledge of Justice, and indewes that judicatorey with diuersse preuilidges and immunities.



In the begining of this zeire, 1534, the King sends the Lord Erskyne and Dauid Bettone, Abbot of Aberbrothe, ambassadors to France, to suit the Duck of Vendsomes sister in marriage, a werey gallant and beutifull ladey.

In Junij, this same zeire, the Bischope of Dunelme and Prior of the same, Sr Thomas Clifford, knight, and Magnus, a laweyer, are, by King Henrey the 8, of England, sent ambassadors to Scotland for concluding a peace, wich was ratified wnder the grate sealls of both kingdomes, and solemley suorne by both Kings.

K. James, this zeire, wisitts the northe pairts of his realme: halds justice courts, and seuerly punishes delinquents.

Androw Straton, a gentleman of good qualitey, and Norman Gourlay, with James Borthwick, Shriffe of Linlithgow, are all of them, this zeire, execut for professing of the gospel.

This zeire, lykwayes, K. Henrey the 8 takes one him the tytill of Head (wnder God and his sone Jesus Christ) of the Church of England, by acte of parliament.



This zeire, 1535, K. Henrey, of England, putts doune the Popes pryde in England, suppresses monasteries and abbeis, and seuerly punishes the lubberdlie idle bellied mounkes with diuers kynds of death, that refussed to acknolidge his tytile of Head of the Churche of England, imediatley wnder God, and his sone Christ.

And for this same causse of not accknoledgeing his tytele, this same zeir, he causses choape the heads off Sr Thomas Moore, Lord Chanceler of England, and of Bischope Fisher.

Pope Clement the 7, this zeir, by his Legat, craues aide of K. James aganist K. Henrey, quho had banished his authoritey out of England: bot ere the Legat returnid with anssuer, Pope Clement was dead, and Paull the 3d seatted in his chaire.



The King, this zeire, showes the nobilitey of his intendit iorney to France, and comittes the gouerniment of the realme till his returne, to the Earles of Huntley and Eglintone, ordaning them to wsse the counsell of the nobilitey for the preseruatione of the publique peace. He ships in at Kircaldey, the 2d of September, this zeire, accompanied with the Earles of Argyle and Arrane, with the Lords Fleeminge and Boyde, and a grate maney young noblemen and knights; he landit at Deeipe, quher he wes mett with his ambassadors, the Earles of Murray, Lennox and Cassiles, with the Lord Erskyne and Abbot of Arbrothe. From thence he goes to Paris, quher he is solemly welcomed by the French King, with all publicke expressions of loue and amitey; and he falls in loue with the Ladey Magdalene, eldest daughter to the Frenche King, and to hir is affianced, and shortly therafter married in the begining of this zeire, 1536, at Paris, in the churche of Noster Dame, the first day of Januarij, in presence of 2 Kinges, 7 Cardinalls, a werey grate number of Princes, Duckes, Marquisses, Earles and Lordes of diuersse nations.

The King hauing stayed at Paris till the mounth  of Maij, he begins to make redey for his returne home to Scotland. So hauing shipt in about the midle of Maij, so he, with his Queine and traine, landes at Leithe the 22 of Junij, this same zeire, accompanied with the Admirall of France, and diuersse others of the Frenche nobilitey.

Take this insewing list of the gifts and propynes wich King James the 5 receauid himselue from the Frenche King at his returne home, as I find them one record:

   Imprimis – All his charges and expencis borne gratis, from the day he landit in France, till the houre he depairted out of it.

   Item – 2 grate shipes of burden, loodit with pouder, and all sorts of ammunitione for the warrs.

   Item – 2 gallant shipes of warre, with ther ordinance and haill outrige.

   Item – 26 pices of grate brasse ordinance for battrey.

   Item – 30 small pices of brasse for the feild.

   Item – His toucher payed in redey money.

   Item – Foure suitts of riche arras hangings, of 8 pices a suitte, wroght with gold and silke.

   Item – Foure suttes of hangings of cloth of gold siluer, impaled with veluett.

   Item – 8 suitts of courser arras, zet werey good.

   Item – Three clothes of stait, werey rich and of excellent worke.

   Item – Three rich beds, with all ther furniture, of silk and gold.

   Item – A large cupebord of plate, all ouer gilt, and curiously wroght.

   Item – Ane other cupeburde of siluer plate wngilded; thesse cupeboords esteimed to 100 thousand crounes.

   Item – Sexteine riche table clothes, of all sortes.

   Item – 20 Persian carpetts, faire and large.

The King was receauid by the nobility at Leith, and the Queine welcomid to Scotland with the ioyfull acclamations of all sortes of peopell, and conducted to Holyrudhousse.

The King, this zeire, reuockes all done by him in his minoritey in preiudice of the croune.

Queine Magdalene deyes of a feuer, the 22 of Julay, this zeire, to the grate greiffe of the King and of all his people, and was solemly interrid in the buriall of the Kings, at Holyrudhousse abbey.

This zeire, also, the Ladey Glamisse, sister to the Earle of Angus, and her husband was hangett, and her sone, the Lord Glamisse was forfaulted; bot his lyffe wes spared, becausse he knowing did not reweill his mothers deseinges, and was sentenced to perpetuall prissone.

This same zeire, lykwayes, for tresson aganist the Kings presone, the Master of Forbes, eldest sone to the Lord Forbesse, was arrainid, and had sentence to be hanged and quartered; bot by the mediatione of some frinds, had that fauor to be beheadit and quartered. My Lord Forbesse, his father, being suspected of the same cryme, was imprissonid in Edinbrugh castle; bot after triall, being found innocent, was enlarged.

A parliament, haldin at Edinbrugh, the 17 day of Maij, this same zeire, quherin the Kinges reuocatione, wich he had laitly made at Rouan, in France, is ratified and approuen by the estaits; as also the institutione of the Colledge of Justice is ratified, and ther pouer sett doune, with the place quher they shall sitt, and tymes of feriat, with the authoritey of the Lord Chanceler of Scotland to be principall of this counsell and supreme courte, with 15 others to be judges, viz.

The Abbot of Cambuskeneth, president,

Mr Richard Bothuell,

Sr Jhone Dingwell,

Mr Henrey Cuhite,

Mr Robert Shanwell,

Mr William Gibsone,

Mr Thomas Hay,

Mr Arthure Boyce,

Laird of Balwerie,

Sr Jhone Campebell,

Mr Adam Otterburne,

James Colueill of East Weemes,

Justice Clerke,

Wicar of Kirk-caldey,

Mr Francis Bothwell,

Mr James Lawsone.

King James, this zeire, lykwayes, giues to his foure basse sones, the abbeyes and priories of Melrosse, Kelso, Coldinghame, and Holyrud-housse.



The nobilitey humblie does beseiche the King, in Februarij, this zeire, 1538, to marrey, if so be he wold wishe God to blisse his gouerniment, or his kingdome to flourishe.

The King, to pleasse his nobilitey that wished him weill, sends the Earle of Murray and Dauid Betton, Abbot of Arbrothe, (laitly made a Cardinall by Pope Paull 3d, and Bischope of Mirapois by the French King,) his ambassadors to suitt for him the marriage of the Ladey Marey, Duchesse Douager of Longawile, daughter to Claude of Loraine, Duck of Guisse, a werey beutifull ladey. This suitt of the Scotts ambassadors pleassed the French King and the ladeyes parents excidingly. The King heiring how all thinges went, sends ouer the Lord Maxswoll and the Maister of Glencairne to conclude it, withe the other ambassadors that wer ther befor; the wich marriage was solemized by proxie, with grate pompe, at Paris. Sho ships, and lands at Craill, in Fyffe, the 19 day of Junij, this same zeire; from quhence shoe went to St. Andrews, quher the King meitts her, and ther accomplishes the marriage.



This zeire, 1539, the King sayells to the Orcades and Westerne Iles, quher all the cheiffe men of the Iles mett him, and submitted themselues to his mercey. Some of them he pardons; vthers he chains, and ships them with him; and with the remanent he tooke so good order, that during all his rainge he had them dutifull and obedient to him.

The Queine is deliuered, this zeire, of a sone, christned James. His godfathers wer the Archbis: of St. Andreus, and Earle of Arrance; and the Queine mother was his godmother.

The Queine regent, the Kings mother, deyes this zeire, and wes solemley interred in the abbey of the Carthusians, in the subwrbs of Perth, in the sepulture of K. James the First.

This zeire, also, a chanon regular, tuo Dominican friars, and 3 comons, wer brunt at Edinbrughe, for professione of the gospell; and at Glasgow, for the same caus, a zoung man called Kennedey, and a friar of the order of St. Francis.

About the end of this zeire deyes James Bettone, Archbischope of St. Amdrewes; and to his sea succeids, by the Kinges donatione, Dauid Bettone, Cardinall Bis: of Mirepois.

This zeire, lykwayes, the King giues George Durrey the abbey of Dumfermlinge.



In the begining of this zeire, 1540, the King commands Dauid Woode, master of his housse, to apprehend Sr James Hamiltone, quhome he comitted prissoner to Edinbrugh castell; bot shortley ther after he was arrained and sentenced a traitor, and his head strukin offe one a scaffold.

This zeire, the Queine was brought to bed of ane other sone, quho was christened Arthure, and deyes at Striueling the aught day after he was christnned; and this same weeke, also, deyes Prince James, the Kinges eldest sone, at St. Andrewes.

The King and Queine, this zeire, to lessen that greiffe wich the death of ther children had wroght in them, makes a progresse throughe all the principall tounes of the realme, so far northe as Aberdeine.

This same zeire, Sr Jhone Borthwick is citted to compeir befor the Cardinall and Bischopes at Edinbrugh, for alledged heresey. He flies to England, and is welcomed by K. Henrey 8. Vpone his flight, he condemned of heresey, and his effigies brunt publickly at Edinbrughe crosse.

Certane Germans, this zeire, dige golde in Craufurd Mure, and in Clydsdaill; the King imployes them, and maney are putt to worke in the minnes.

K. Henrey the eight first takes the tytile of King of Irland; quherat K. James some quhat grimells, zet keipes himselue quyeit, in respecte K. Henrey makes no wsse of this tytile for expelling of the Scotts ther from ther inheritance.

A parliament was callid by the King this zeire, to be haldin at Edinbrughe, the 10 day of Marche; quherin was enacted maney lawes anent trade and merchandizing; as also the Cro-mar and Braa-mar, with the lands of Hinderland, East-Weemes, and Buckheauen, wer annexed to the croune, by the forfaultey of James Colweill.



In this zeire, 1541, King Henrey the 8, of England, intreats, by his ambassador, Lord William Howard, hs nephew, K. James, to meitt him at Zorke, and speake with him. Of this interwieu, the King adwysis with his counsaill; the churchmen, especially the cardinall, dissuade him. Sr James Lermont, knight, is sent ambassador, to excusse the Kings not coming to Zorke; quherat K. Henrey heighlie offends, seinng his so earnist suitt so vilependit by his nephew, he presentley resolues to inwade Scotland with ane armey.

The Englishe take 28 Scotts shipes: the Scotts demand restitutione; bot instead of that, Sr Robert Bowes is sent to inwade Scotland with ane armey, and with fyre and suord actes all the poynts of hostilitey. To opposse quhosse furey, the Earle of Huntley, Warden of the Scotts Marches, the 11 of September this zeire, one St. Bartholomewes day, rancounters him at Haldinrige, quher he ouerthrowes the Englishe armey, takes ther tuo leaders, Sr Robert and Sr Richard Bowes, with 200 more, prissoners, and kills a grate maney more.

This same zeire, the Lord Murwelier comes heir ambassador from Francis 1, the Frenche King, to thank King James for hes affection to the Popishe religione, and hes constant loue to France.

K. Henrey the 8, inwardlie fretting, this zeire, for the losse of his men at Haldonrige, lewies ane armey of 40,000 men, wnder the command of the Duck of Northfolk to the borders; they enter some 2 myles within the Scotts limitts, and burne some small hamletts. Aganist them, the Earle of Huntley, with 10,000 weill armed men, opposis himselue, and by his often skirmishes and nimble dealling, blunts the fyrie edge of the Englishe blades; King James in the meane tyme, gathers a pouerfull armey, and at Soultrey musters aboue 30,000 men; and in good order passes he forward to Salsey Mure, quher he resolues to bid the Duck of Northfolk batell; bot no souner hard the Ducke of the Kings approche, bot incontinent returns ouer Tweed homeword, and Huntley persewes them in the reire, and kills maney in ther passing ouer Tweed.

The King sollicitts the nobilitey to inwade England: they flatlie refusse, and with guid arguments deliuers ther mynd by the Earle of Murray; quherat the King extremeley stormes, and inwardlie grudges, zet carried a faire countenance.

The King, this zeir, immediatlie after the nobilitey had refussed him, with all diligence, by the assistance of the prælats and clergey, lewies a new armey, and makes Oliuer St. Claire, generall of the same, quher at the nobilitey repynes to see a musherome preferred to them. To opposse this armey of the Kings, the Englishe take the feildes, wnder the command of the Lord Whartone. The Scotts, in disdaine of ther generall, Oliuer, rander themselues captiues to the Englishe, at Solua Mosse; and wer led to London, of the cheiffe of the armey, suche as the Earles of Cassiles, Glencairne, the Lords Maxswoll, Somerwaill, Oliphant, with Sr Oliuer St. Claire, the generall, and diuersse others of lesse note.

For griffe of this losse, and disgrace put one him by his proud and factious nobilitey, the King sikenes of a lent feuer, at Falkland: the Queine, in the meane tyme, is brought to bed of a daughter, christned Marey. Newes quherof being brought to the King, he turns himselue to the wall, and with a griwous grone, sayes, Scotland did come with a lasse, and it will goe with one, deiuell goe with it: and so, without aney more wordes to a purpois, depairts this lyffe at his palace of Falkland, the 19 of the kalends of Januarij, in the 31 zeire of his age, and 30 of his rainge, in the zeire of our redemptione 1542. His bodey being embalmed and put in coffin of lead, was solemly interrid in the burriall of the King, in the abbey churche of the Holy Crosse, neire Edinbrughe.

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