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Plate LXIII., St. Fort, p.125.

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THIS magnificent mansion, the seat of Henry Stewart, Esq., was erected only a few years ago. The estate of St. Fort, in the parish of Forgan, in Fifeshire, appears to have belonged, at an early period, to a family of the name of Nairn, which continued in possession of the lands until the middle of last century, when they were purchased by the ancestor of the present proprietor. From the family of Nairn of St. Fort or Ford was descended Thomas Nairn of Muckersy, whose grandson, Robert Nairn of Strathord, was raised to the dignity of the peerage by Charles II., with the title of Lord Nairn. A small portion of the lands of St. Fort, called St. Fort-Hay, and on which the house was situated, anciently belonged to a family of the name of Hay. In 1535, Andrew, fourth earl of Rothes, had a charter of these lands. About 1563, St. Fort-Hay was purchased by Alexander Walker, and was afterwards designated St. Fort-Walker. The descendants of this gentleman continued in possession till the middle of last century, when the property was purchased by Mr. Stewart’s ancestor.

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