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XI. Accompt of the Charge and Expences for Manteinance of the Famelie off Calder, to the House and the Poor.

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   Item of meall and malt 

220 bolls.    

   Item of slaughter cowes, more then my own fold can afford, being 12, at 20 merks the peice 

240 merks.    

   Item for 12 ston sheugar 

180 merks.    

   Item for salt, irne, sopp, winiger, and all other spices, 

400 merks.    

   Item for sack wyne and brandie 

180 merks.    

   Item for tobaco and pypes 

50 merks.    

   Item for reneweing of linine for beadds teable and shirts 

200 merks.    

   Item for renewing of weshellis potts panns dishes trincheris candlestickis barrels and weshells for brew-house kitchen and milk house 

100 merks.   


   To a cheplane 

100 merks.    

   To the gentleman 


   To the butler 

60 merks.    

   To the cook 

60 merks.    

   To the cooks man 

20 merks.    

   To the porter 

20 merks.    

   To the cotchman 

30 merks.    

   To the two footmen 

50 merks.    

   To two gentlewomen 

150 merks.    

   To the chambermaid, three byrewomen and dairymaid 

15 merks.    

Summa totalis 

2015 merks.    

In victual extends to 

320 bolls.    

   To the greive 

12 bolls.    

   To the gardiner 

12 bolls.    

   To the maltman 

10 bolls.    

   To the sheepherd 

5 bolls.    

Totall victuall to pay the abov wrytten accompt is 

561, 3.    

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