26th of May

St Quadratus, Bishop of Athens, 2nd century. St Eleutheriuss, pope, martyr, 192. St Oduvald, abbot of Melrose, 698. St Philip Neri, 1595.


Born. – Charles Duke of Orleans, 1391; Dr Michael Attmuller, eminent German physician, 1644, Leipzig.
Died. – Thomas Southern, dramatist, 1746; James Burnet, Lord Monboddo, 1799, Edinburgh; Francis Joseph Haydn, musical composer, 1809, Grumpendorff, Vienna; Jacques Lafitte, eminent French banker and political character, 1844, Paris.


On this Day in Other Sources.


The time was now fast approaching, when the Parliament was to meet, after its prorogation, in January, for the dispatch of various matters of great weight. The Queen feared, that she should be pressed, at this Parliament, in matters of religion. The expected Parliament assembled, at length, on the 26th of May 1563. The Queen came to Parliament, the same day, in her robes, and was crowned: The Duke carried the crown: Argyle the sceptre; and Murray the sword. The Queen delivered a speech to Parliament, in her native language. On the same day, she gave a feast to the ladies of Scotland, as we learn from her household book. She is said to have been present, at the forfeitures of Huntley, Sutherland, and many of their friends, on whatever proofs.

– Life of Mary, pp.78-98.


Originally there appears to have been a herd for the cows and a separate herd for the calves. In 1579 there is an order of the town council by which “Matho Wilsone is maid and constitut calf hird, and is ordanit to have vjd (a halfpenny) for ilk calf, and his meit daily about, or ellis xijd (a penny) for ilk melteth [each meal] gif thai failzie and to be poyndit thairfoir.”1 Perhaps the calves were pastured on the Green. There was certainly a house for the herd there, situated near the site of Nelson’s Monument. 

– Old Glasgow, pp.175-181. 

1  26th May, 1579.


On the 26th day of the same month [May, 1590], the Danes that had accompanied the Queen [there], take their leave of their majesties, (who bestowed many jewels and rich presents on them, according to their several qualities,) and took ship for Denmark.

– Historical Works, pp.340-416.


Dr. William Forbes, who died Bishop of Edinburgh, another of the Aberdeen doctors, was more immediately connected with Marischal College, having received the beginning of his education there, and being afterwards its Principal. “He was,” says the parson of Rothiemay, “one of the learnedest men, and one of the most eloquent preachers of is age, or that ever Aberdeen, the nursery of so many great spirits, ever brought forthe.”1

– Sketches, pp.254-324.

1  In the Presbytery of Aberdeen, 26th May 1642. He died in 1659, in the ninety-fifth year of his age.

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