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18th of October

St Luke the Evangelist. St Justin, martyr, in France, 4th century. St Julian Sabas, hermit. St Monan, martyr, 7th century.

Born. – Pope Pius II. (Æneas Silvius), 1405, Corsignano; Justus Lipsius, miscellaneous writer, 1547, Isch, Brabant; François de Sovoie, Prince Eugene, celebrated imperial general, 1663, Paris; Richard Nash (Beau Nash), celebrated master of the ceremonies at Bath, 1674, Swansea; Peter Frederik Suhm, Danish archæologist, 1728, Copenhagen; Jean Jaques Regis Cambacères, eminent lawyer and statesman, 1753, Montpellier
Died. – John Ziska, Hussite commander, 1424; René Antoine de Réaumur, practical philosopher and naturalist, 1757.

On this Day in Other Sources.

This year, 4 of the 8 commissioners sent to France to assist at the solemnities of Queen Mary’s marriage, being on their return home, die almost suddenly, at Dieppe, not without suspicion of poison. 

Gilbert [Kennedy], Earl of Cassilis, dies there also, the 18th day of October [1558]

– Historical Works, pp.275-340.

As soon as the Regent’s purpose of making Leith a place of arms, was known, then the reformers seized Broughty castle, at the mouth of the Tay, the same commanding station, that had been, corruptly, acquired, by Edward VI. They came to Edinburgh, on the 18th of October, [1559,] with a resolution to dislodge the Regent’s forces, from Leith. At the same time, she retired, from the insecure palace of Holyrood-house, to the safer garrison of Leith. 

– Life of Mary, pp.15-41.

The Queen and Darnley, remained [in Dumfries] a few days, giving directions, for the security of the borders; and visiting Lockmaben castle, the ancient seat of the Bruces. Meanwhile, Sir John Maxwell, the warden of the west borders, seeing the cause of the rebels, to be hopeless, made his submission: and was continued, in his office, by the Queen’s clemency. The court returned to Edinburgh, on the 18th of October [1565]

– Life of Mary, pp.98-126.

About this time, also, Francis [Hay], Earl of Erroll, was imprisoned for popery,.. and on the 18th of October [1592] following, [William Douglas] the Earl of Angus imprisoned for the same cause also. 

– Historical Works, pp.340-416.

The choir would probably be first repaired, but the western tower is specially treated as part of the structure which had fallen into decay… On 18th October, 1628, a warrant is granted to the treasurer for forty merks for “beitting and repairing the laich stipill of the Metropolitan Kirk.” 

– Old Glasgow, pp.104-116.

2619. Letter from Colonel Hay, the Prince’s aide-de-camp, to Provost Cochrane, regarding the money levied upon Glasgow. Edinburgh, 18th October, 1745.

Memorial Catalogue, Gallery 1.

This striking monument reads:



Glasgow’s Cathedral & City Necropolis.

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