‘Treaty of Union Articles’ (2019)

Treaty of Union Articles‘ [Illustrated] (Nov., 2019)

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This is a book of collected first-hand source material exploring Scotland’s place within its union with England. The idea was to try to find those who were in favour of the union but felt they had a duty to make it a more equal union by solving varying grievances the population had from the time of its signing. There are many misconceptions these days with regards the Treaty of Union Scotland entered into with England in 1707. There’s a pervading belief of Scotland, the country, ceasing to exist in place of the country of Great Britain. There are also those who believe our monarch is only such due to this treaty. In both of these examples the falsehood becomes more evident when you exchange Scotland with England and claim the same. The easiest go-to for the information was the British press for articles, op-eds and correspondence. And, jings, did they deliver! From issues of political apathy in the first half-century post-union, calls for a home militia, to comparisons with Ireland after their entering the union in 1801. Over-taxation, under-funding, and centralisation are recurring issues creating a pervasive feeling of unfairness in how each country was individually treated within the unions. For the most part, every believer in the union, had a grievance of some kind; whether it was in Scotland’s under-representation in Westminster, the paying of England’s debts, or attempts at Centralisation both by the dissolution of our national institutions, supposedly protected by the treaty, and the insistence Britain/British could be just as easily replaced with England/English. There was one main article in particular that seemed to grab people’s attention, however, which I titled the ‘Financial Cost to Scotland of the Union.’ It’s written by Harry Gow and lays out the figures in black and white leading us to believe nothing much has changed since it was written in 1891. The vast majority of this compilation of articles is penned by authors in favour of the British union, from varying newspapers across mainland Britain and Ireland, in case anyone was wondering about bias on this subject.

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All research completed using the BritishNewspaperArchive‘s resources.

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“I’m delighted to be able to contribute to this, Jenny is doing a fantastic job of teaching the History of Scotland’s relationship with England to a wider audience. Knowledge is power.”

– Eala O’Bruadair.

“Sorry Jenny it must’ve been the way I read it I thought it was a Nationalist side of view. OK Jenny you have convinced me… put me down for a copy.”

– Charles McDonald (after being advised the book is written by British Nationalists, not those who were seeking to end the Union).

“YES! It’s time to end this Union. – A Project which captures the heart of the Zeitgeist abroad in 21st century Scotland.”

– Chris Donohue.

“Fantastic!! – We both love what you’re doing. Scottish history has been neglected for far too long!”

– Evelyn Airlie.

“Wonderful idea, should be sent to every school, college, and university as essential reading.”

– Lucian Marshall.

“I believe resolutely in this project and look forward to furthering it after receipt of the tome. Slàinte mhòr Jen.”

– Brian E. Millar.

“Best of luck. We should all have this information to hand.”

– Lyn Middleton.

“I’m looking forward to reading the book. I think it will be the best addition to my library this year.”

– Catherine Shepherd.

“This is a wonderful project. Thank goodness for your patience.”

– Alistair MacKinnon.

“Help spread the real facts, not the Anglified ‘facts.’ “

– Ken Johnston.

“Before proceeding to divorce, you need to know what the marriage certificate states. This project is therefore of fundamental importance in promoting an understanding of the rationale for gaining our independence.”

– BigAl.

“Knowledge has always been power, and no more so than now.”

– ScotsEye.

“I am making sure my children have copies to pass on to their children. Great project.”

– Karen Stewart.

“Once you realise Westminster passed an act of parliament called the ‘Aliens Act’ you begin to realise everything you thought you knew about the union was a lie. This type of project is of immeasurable value and needs to be supported.”

– Billy Thomson.

“We have such a rich store of historical documents. It’s great that you can present them in such an accessible way.”

– Marc Caldwell.

“I want our children to know more about their own history.”

– John Higgins.

“Love the fact that this information will all be in one place for handy reference.”

– Stephen Boyle.

“Important to get this info out there, we’ll done!”

– Roger Anderson.

“Well done for this excellent piece of work.”

– Tony Wilson.

“Can’t wait to read it, Jenny. You’ve done a power of work on this and I think a hard copy is a beautiful idea.”

– Marie Fraser.

“I believe it is important to learn from our past.”

– Paul Cochrane.

“Glad to see all your hard work now is in print well done RSH.”

– Maggie.

“This is such a worthwhile project. Really looking forward to seeing the completed work.”

– David McDermott.

“Jenny. I just love what you and your crowd are doing with this. It is so important that we bring all this information out into the open and in the pubic sphere. Well done you All!”

– Inez McLeary.

“More power to your elbow.”

– Bill Laing.

“Right behind you. It’s time.”

– Michelle Nevin.

“The more information we have the better, this is a great idea and I’m happy to support you.”

– Lynne Scott.

“Best of luck, the art is stunning.”

– Banjo Mike.

“We need to know the truth – thank you for your hard work.”

– Winifred McCartney.

“Great idea, educate the Scottish nation.”

– Ìrene Byng.

“This sort of information is very important, that it be very widely known is even more important. How can we fight the ‘rules’ if we don’t even know what they actually are?”

– Michael John Sims.

“Great way to get information all in one place about the UK union.”

– James Manclark.

“An amazing bit of research and design.”

– Anthony McNally.

“Would love to find out my grandchildren learning from this book at school.”

– John Buckley.

“A great piece of work. Well done. 👍”

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“Thanks for all your research, hard work & passion.”

– Jane Kindlen.

“Absolutely love what you do. So interesting as well as something that is so important for people to understand. Right here with you.”

– Jennifer Roberts.

“Fantastic concept, very much looking forward to reading the Treaty of Union Articles and continuing to spread the good word!”

– Mike Rennie.

“This will be a valuable addition to the materials available for my Yes group to use when explaining the union to folk.”

– Paul Wright.

“Love that you are bringing all these articles together into a full collective, easily viewable, that is very user friendly & extremely informative & educational.”

– Sonia MacDonald.

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