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Caledonian Mercury, Tuesday, September 9, 1740.

This was the entire edition, a mere four pages of news. My favourite section is in the bottom left-hand corner of the last page, “Died within the Walls of this CITY in the Month of August last, and buried in Grey-Friars Church-yard;..” Out of 71 deaths, we might consider 44 of those to have been of children, though here it’s noted at this time only 43 of these were considered children suggesting after the age of 10 you were no longer considered a child. There’s the list of usual causes from the age; Consumption (tuberculosis), Flux (dysentry), Dropsie (fluid retention), Iliack Passion (lower gut disorder), Meagrim (migraine), Suddenly is a noted cause of death, as, suprisingly, is Teething.


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