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Caledonian Mercury, Monday, June 29, 1801.

Here we have the third original copy of, Edinburgh publication, the Caledonian Mercury I’ve been able to obtain. Immediately it differs from the two former, of 1740 and 1748, in that we have a depiction of Mercury himself holding a banner on which is written, “Pro Patria,” which translated from the Latin means “For Country,” as part of the banner. It’s also now a broadsheet, though still only of 4 pages. Each page had to be scanned in two halves, using the A3 scanner, and jigsawed together again on Photoshop. It still feels as amazing as the other two, almost fabric-like. As yet I’ve not been able to obtain any of the editions of this newspaper with articles cited in the ‘Treaty of Union Articles,’ but I’ll be keeping an eye out.


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