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The Order of K. Charles the I. Triumphall Entrey into the Citey of Edinbrughe.

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Entring at Castle Porte, and marching throughe the 

Citey to his Palace of Holyrudhousse. 

For maney ages this kingdome had not seine a more glorious and staitly entrey, the streetts being all railled and sanded; the cheiffe places quher he passed wer sett outt with staitly triumphall arches, obeliskes, pictures, artificiall montains, adorned with choysse musicke, and diuersse otheres costly shewes. First then went on horssebacke, 

Squyres, 2 and 2; 



His Maties seruants of the best sorte; 


Earles eldest sonnes; 

Bischopes, 2 and 2, in veluett foot clothes; 


Earles, 2 and 2; 

Archbis: of Glasgow, alone; 

E. Hadinton, L. Priuey Seall; 

E. of Morton, L. Thesaurer; 

Vis. Dupleine, L. Chanceler; 

5 Seriants at Armes, with gilded masses; 

Zorke Herauld of England; 

6 Scottes Herauldes, 2 and 2; 

Norroy, K. of Armes of England; 

Mr of Requystes; 

Tuo Gentlemen Vshers, and in the medle betuix them, Lyone King of Armes, one riche footte clothe; 

Earle Marishall of Scotland, with his baston of office in his hand; 

Duck of Lennox, Grate Chamberlaine of Scotland, and of his Maties houssehold; 

Earle of Erole, Lord Grate Constable of Scotland, bearing a shethed sourd befor his Maiesty; 

Then cam the Kings Maiesty ryding one a barbarey, with ane exceiding riche caparissone and footte clothe of crimpsone weluett, embrodred with gold and orientall pearles, the bosses of brydle, curper and tye, being richly sett with emralds, rubies and diamonds, and in his head a panache of read and whyte plumes; 

After the King, folloued James, Marquesse Hamilton, Master of his Maiesties Horsse, rydinng one a horsse richly mounted; and after him followed 4 Gentlemen of his Maiesties Equirey, leading a horsse, richly furnished with caparisone and footte clothe of whyte sattin, embrodred with gold and stones, werey beutifull to behold; 

Nixt came the Englishe noblemen, 2 and 2, werey gallantly and richly mounted; 

Gentlemen of his Maiesties Priuey Chamber, 2 and 2, in order; 

Theophilus, Earle of Suffolk, Capitane of the Pentioners; 

Gentlemen Pentioners, with ther gilded partisans, 2 and 2, in order; 

Henrey, Earle of Holland, Capitane of his Maiesties Gaurd; 

Lastly came the Zeomen of the Guard, 2 and 2, with ther partisans in ther handes.

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