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Obittes this Zeire (1639), pp.369-371.

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Obitts this zeire, of eminent personages, wer, first, in the mounthe of Januarij, 1639, Robert Douglas, Wiscount Belheauen, sometyme Master of the Horses to Henrey, Prince of Walles, quho departed this lyffe at his duelling housse, neire Glasgow, the 5 day of this mounthe; to quhosse memorey his heires hes erected a staitly monument of whyte marble in the abey churche of Holyrudhousse. 

The 13 of Maij, 1639, deyed Ladey Anna Murray, Wiscountesse of Stormont, 2d sister to Sr Androw Murray of Balwaird, knight, and wyffe to Mungo Murray, Wiscount of Stormont, Lord Scone, by quhome shoe had no issew. Shoe wes interred at Scone, without aney funerall ceremoney, the 23d of this same mounthe. 

Thomas Erskyne, first Earle of Kelley, Wiscount Fenton and Lord Dirletone, First Gentleman of the Bed Chamber to K. Ja: the 6, and Knight of the Order of the Garter; he departed this lyffe at London, in the mounthe of Junij, this zeire, 1639, aged 73. Hes corpes being enbalmed, wer brought by sea to Scotland, and interred at Pittinweeme abey, without aney funerall ceremoney, 23 Julij, this same zeire. 

In this same mounthe of Junij, deyed Ladey Margarett Balfoure, wyffe to Roberte, 2d Lord Balfoure of Burlie, and onlie daughter and heire to Michaell, Lord Balfoure of Burlie, at Edinbrughe. Shoe wes interrid in the buriall of her antcesters, at Orwell churche, without funerall ceremoney, this zeire, 1639. 

Aboute the midle of September, this zeire, 1639, deyed at Edinbrughe, of a spotted fewer, George St. Clare, Master of Berridaille, grandchyld to and heire apparent to George, Earle of Cathnes; and wes interred at the abbey churche of Holyrudehousse, without aney funerall ceremoney. 

The 14 of September, this same zeire, 1639, deyed Robert, Lord Semple; and wes interrid amongest his antecesters, without aney funerall ceremoney. 

The 7 of Nouember, this same zeire, deyed at Edinbrughe, Ladey Margarett Erskyne, 3d daughter to Ihone, Earle of Mar, Lord Thesaurer of Scotland, Countesse of Kingorne, wyffe to Ihone Lyone, 2d Earle of Kingorne, by quhom shoe had issew diuersse childrene, bot all of them deyed befor herselue; her corpes wer enbalmed, and solemley interred in the comon sepulture of that familey, at the churche of Glamis, in the mounthe of Februarij, 1640. 

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