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Hughie in Love with a Shrew, pp.17-18.

[Horace in Homespun Contents]

Urit grata protervitas.” – CAR. I., 19. 

I’VE nocht to wreak mysel’ upon, 

An’ wark I dinna fancy, 

Sae I’ll sit doun an’ hae a groan 

Aboot my cruel Nancy. 

She thraw’d her head when late yestreen 

I telt her I was deein’ – 

Either she disna care a preen, 

Or else she kens I’m leein’. 


O Nancy, but your hert’s as hard 

An’ cauld as kirkyaird granite; 

‘Deed, whyles I think the nicht ill-starr’d 

That saw me brak’ wi Janet! 

She’s neither cuist me glance o’ grace 

Nor shored me ceevil favour; 

The wooer’s is a dootfu’ case 

That builds on that behavour! 


Nae ither lad that awns a dug, 

But Sandie, ever socht her – 

She flang a leglen at his lug, 

As weel’s the nits he brocht her 

She hasna tried thir tricks on me; 

She’d find it – no’ sae chancy; 

An’ that’s what gars me houp to see 

My waddin’ day wi’ Nancy!

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