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Hughie’s Spring Sunshine Dashed wi’ Shadow, pp.67-68.

[Horace in Homespun Contents]

Solvitur acris hiems gratâ vice veris et Favoni.” – CAR. I., 4. 

THE winter ice is breakin’ up, 

The wast wind whistlin’ cracks his whup, 

An’ noo ye hear their Hi! woa! h’up! 

(Pleasant the hearin’!) 

As plooman-lads wi’ steady grup 

Draw oot their feerin’. 


An’ now ere lang we’ll see the flooers 

Drawn fra the divots by the shooers, 

An’ saft winds hing the plantin’ booers 

Wi’ leaves that rustle, 

An’ lav’rocks to the lift a’ ‘oors 

Flee up, an’ whistle. 


It’s braw an’ blithesome i’ the sprin 

To see the joy o’ everything: 

Dance, bairns an’ bodies! loup an’ sing! 

Ye dae’t wi’ reason; 

Whatever joyous thocht ye bring, 

It comes in season. 


Dance while ye can, sing while ye may, 

For human life ‘s a short-liv’d day; 

Owre sune, owre sune the gloamin’ gray 

Creeps cauld athort it, 

An’ we oor limbs to rest maun lay 

Whaur late we sportit! 

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