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Collection of Miniatures, pp.161-162.

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Lent by the Baroness Willoughby De Eresby. (Nos. 1138-1154.) 

   A MINIATURE, of Annabella Drummond, Queen of Robert III. of Scotland. A version of the portrait by George Jamesone, at Taymouth, engraved in Pinkerton’s Scottish Gallery. [J. M.G.] 


   A MINIATURE, of James I. of Scotland, in an octagon gilt frame. A bust-sized version of the full-length portrait ‘at Kielberg, near Tubingen, in Germany,’ engraved in half-length, in Pinkerton’s Iconographia Scotica. [J. M. G.] 


   MINIATURE, of James V., in oblong gilt frame. From a portrait in Drummond Castle. Derived from the figure of the King in the portrait of ‘James V. and Mary of Guise,’ at Hardwick (No. 160, p. 77). The same type appears in the frontispiece to Lawes and Acts of Parliament (Edinr. Rob. Waldegrave, 1597); in Johnston’s Inscriptiones, 1602 (with the figure reversed); and in Murray of Glendook’s Acts of Parliament 1681, etc. [J. M. G.] 


   A MINIATURE, of Mary Queen of Scots. Enamel portrait by H. Bone, 1819. 


   AN ENAMEL MINIATURE, Mary Queen of Scots, in a silver-gilt filigree frame, with gold star-shaped Locket attached, containing Queen Mary’s hair. From the picture in the King’s Closet, Versailles. 


   A MINIATURE, of Charles I. 


   A MINIATURE, of Mary Beatrice of Modena, wife of James II. 


   A MINIATURE, of James II. 


   A MINIATURE, of ‘James VIII. of Scotland,’ Chevalier St. George. 


   A MINIATURE, of Maria Clementina Sobieski, wife of ‘James VIII. of Scotland,’ in an oval gilt frame. 


   A MINIATURE, of Charles Edward Stewart, when a child. A similar miniature is in the possession of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. [J. M. G.] 


   A MINIATURE, of Prince Charles when young. Similar to No. 633, p. 131. 


   A MINIATURE, of Prince Charles Edward. A curious and interesting miniature, but not representing Prince Charles. The eyes here are blue, not dark brown, as in the authentic portraits of the Prince, [J. M. G.] 


   A MINIATURE, of the Marquis of Montrose, in an oval gilt frame. 


   AN ENAMEL MINIATURE, of Prince Charles Edward, by V. Stern, 1743. 


   A MINIATURE, of Prince Henry, Cardinal York, by V. Stern, 1743. 


   A MINIATURE, of James, Earl of Perth, Lord Chancellor of Scotland, created Duke by James II. at St. Germains. An interesting and very characteristic miniature, though only a copy from some contemporaneous work, – probably, with alterations in costume, from the three quarters-length seated portrait, in peer’s robes, at Blair-Drummond, which is engraved in Drummond’s Noble Families. It shows the nobleman in three-quarters to right, wearing long wig, blue mantle fastened with brooch on his right shoulder, and short coat-sleeves cut into decorative stripes in the pseudo-classical manner of the time, with wide white shirt-sleeves appearing beneath. It differs from the portraits of Lord Perth known to us in the Physicians’ Hall, Edinburgh, and at Keir, formerly at Murthly Castle, from the contemporaneous engravings by White and Faithorne, and from the excellent life-sized half-length oil picture (No. 1447, p. 154), also lent by the Baroness Willoughby de Eresby. The last named is probably rightly attributed to Largillière, having been evidently painted after the nobleman retired to France, and showing him at a more advanced age than any other portrait with which we are acquainted. It is assigned to 1714, two years before the death of its subject. Here the characteristic wart on the right cheek appears very faintly, having probably been half-obliterated by cleaning. It is clearly marked, however, in the miniature. [J. M. G.] (See Fig. 125.) 


   A MINIATURE, of James, first Duke of Perth, in a gold and blue enamel frame, with wreath, an initial ‘P,’ and set in diamonds. 


   A MINIATURE, of Lady Jean Gordon, Duchess of Perth. 


   A MINIATURE, of Lady Lilias Drummond, Marchioness of Tullibardine, who married James, fourth Earl of Perth. 



   OIL MINIATURE, full length, in curious tartan dress – copy of a portrait known to have been preserved in Paris forty years ago – and there called the ‘Countess of Lennox.’ Date of the original the sixteenth century. 

(145) Lent by C. E. DALRYMPLE. 

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