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Unknown Scottish Marks, p.308.

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   SIX OLD SILVER SPOONS AND ONE LADLE, engraved with the initials . They bear a rather curious Hall-mark which has not been identified. [A. J. S. B.] 

(793) Lent by COL. W. W. HOZIER. 

   SILVER QUAICH, used by Prince Charles Edward the night he slept in Ruskie at the inn there, occupied by Daniel Fisher. It measures 3 inches in diameter, and has two handles: on the one is engraved D F, and on the other is I S. For a Hall-mark it only bears the maker’s initials three times repeated, which have not been identified. (See also page 136.) [A.J. S. B.] 

(528) Lent by WILLIAM FISHER. 

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