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Burns on the Aristocracy, pp.63-64.

[Anecdotes of Burns Contents]

DR. ANDREW THOMSON, of St. George’s, Edinburgh, who once had an interesting meeting with the bard, gives us a succinct account of how the evening was spent, and the subjects discussed. 

The poet “talked of himself, deplored his errors, and hinted that pride and disappointment had had a large share in producing them, and that he regretted that after his first success he had not gone abroad. As he spoke of the aristocracy, their usage of him and of his country, he stamped fiercely on the ground, and the expression of his ‘ardent eyes’ became almost terrific and unearthly as they shone amid the tender gloom of the autumnal twilight. He cried – 

‘There will be a day of reckoning yet, as sure as yon star is shining over Griffel. Ten Glencairns would save this Sodom, and there has only been one, and he’s dead.’ ” 

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