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A Clergyman’s Story, pp.116-117.

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PROFESSOR WALKER was intimate with a clergyman who knew Burns, and had repeatedly met him in company, “Where,” said he, “the acuteness and originally displayed by him, the depth of his discernment, the force of his expressions, and the authoritative energy of his understanding, had created a sense of his power, of the extent of which I was unconscious till it was revealed to me by accident. On the occasion of my second appearance in the pulpit, I came with an assured and tranquil mind, and though a few persons of education were present, advanced some length in the service with my confidence and self-possession unimpaired; but when I saw Burns, who was of a different parish, unexpectedly enter the church, I was affected by a tremor and embarrassment, which suddenly apprised me of the impression which my mind, unknown to itself, had previously received.” The Professor adds that the person who had thus unconsciously been measuring the stature of the intellectual giant, was not only a man of good talents and education, but “remarkable for a more than ordinary portion of constitutional firmness.” 

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