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Burns at the Plough, p.116.

[Anecdotes of Burns Contents]

JOSEPH WRIGHT, of “Drooko” umbrella fame, tells a story of a farmer’s criticism on a German print of “Burns at the plough.” One day the narrator was looking at this picture in a place of public resort; and to a farmer by his side who was gazing intently at the work of art he observed, “This is the poet Burns?” 

“Well, I suppose it’s meant for him,” replied the farmer, “but did ye ever see a man at the pleugh wi’ his kirk coat on? Whaever pentit that picture kent little about Burns, and far less about the harness o’ a pleugh horse. Man, the hale thing is ridiculous.” 

Drooko Umbrellas Advert from ‘Scots Lore‘ magazine, 1895.
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