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Burns’s Blue-eyed Lassie, p.111.

[Anecdotes of Burns Contents]

JEANIE was just 17; of sweet, winning manners, with waving, golden tresses and rosy cheeks; but above all a pair of laughing blue eyes. Burns was charmed with her artless manners, and particularly with her “twa sweet een;” his susceptible heart was fired with admiration for the daughter of his host. 

The next morning at breakfast he presented her with the song which she little dreamed was to give her immortality. It was the song of “The Blue-eyed Lassie.” The blue-eyed lassie bloomed into womanhood; and, captivating the heart of Mr. James Renwick, a young merchant from New York, she married him, and soon removed to that city, where her husband became a prominent merchant of the highest reputation. 

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