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Burns’s Dislike of Soldiers, p.94.

[Anecdotes of Burns Contents]

MRS. MONTAGUE, a friend of Allan Cunningham’s, related the following to him:- 

“When I was at Arbigland, in 1793, I was introduced to Burns. His conversation pleased me much, and I saw him often. I was at a ball given by the Caledonian Hunt in Dumfries, and had stood up as the partner of a young officer in the dance, when the whisper of ‘there’s Burns!’ ran through the assembly. I looked round, and there he was; his bright dark eyes full upon me. I shall never forget the look; it was one that gave me no pleasure. He soon left the meeting. I saw him next day. He would have passed me, but I spoke. I took his arm, and said, ‘Come, you must see me home.’ 

‘Gladly, madam,’ said he; ‘but I’ll not go down the plain-stanes, lest I have to share your company with some of those epauletted puppies with whom the street is full. Come this way.’ ” 

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