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To Mris. A. H. on seeing her at a Consort, p.19.

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To the Tune of, The bonniest Lass in a’ the Warld


LOok where my dear Hamillia smiles, 

Hamillia! heavenly charmer; 

See how with all their arts and wiles 

The loves and graces arm her. 

A blush dwells glowing on her cheeks, 

Fair Seats of youthful pleasures, 

There love in smiling language speaks, 

There spreads his rosy treasures. 


O fairest Maid, I own thy pow’r, 

I gaze, I sigh and languish, 

Yet ever, ever will adore, 

And triumph in my anguish. 

But ease, O charmer, ease my care, 

And let my torments move thee; 

As thou art fairest of the fair, 

So I the dearest love thee. 

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