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Slighted Nansy, pp.23-24.

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To the Tune of, The Kirk wad let me be


‘TIS I have seven braw new gowns, 

And ither seven better to mak, 

And yet for a’ my new gowns; 

My wooer has turn’d his back. 

Besides I have seven milk-ky, 

And Sandy he has but three; 

And yet for a’ my good ky, 

The ladie winna ha’e me. 


My dady’s a delver of dikes, 

My mither can card and spin, 

And I am a fine fodgel lass, 

And the siller comes linkin in: 

The siller comes linkin in, 

And it is fou fair to see, 

And fifty times wow! O wow! 

What ails the lads at me? 


When ever our Baty does bark, 

Then fast to the door I rin, 

To see gin ony young spark 

Will light and venture but in: 

But never a ane will come in, 

Tho’ mony a ane gaes by, 

Syne far ben the house I rin; 

And a weary wight am I. 


When I was at my first prayers, 

I pray’d but anes i’ the year, 

I wish’d for a handsome young lad, 

And a lad with muckle gear. 

When I was at my neist prayers, 

I pray’d but now and than, 

I fash’d na my head about gear, 

If I get a handsome young man. 


Now when I’m at my last prayers, 

I pray on baith night and day, 

And O! if a beggar wad come, 

With that fame beggar I’d gae. 

And O! and what’ll come o’ me? 

And O! what’ll I do? 

That sic a braw lassie as I 

Shou’d die for a woer I trow. 

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