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Bessy Bell and Mary Gray, pp.57-58.

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O Bessy Bell and Mary Gray

They are twa bonny lasses, 

They bigg’d a bower on yon burn-brae, 

And theek’d it o’er wi’ rashes. 

Fair Bessy Bell I loo’d yestreen, 

And thought I ne’er cou’d alter; 

But Mary Gray’s twa pawky een, 

They gar my fancy falter. 


Now Bessy’s hair like a Lint-tap; 

She smiles like a May Morning, 

When Phœbus starts frae Thetis’ lap, 

The hills with rays adorning: 

White is her neck, saft is her hand, 

Her waste and feet’s fu’ genty; 

With ilka grace she can command; 

Her lips, O wow! they’re dainty. 


And Mary’s Locks are like a craw, 

Her eyes like diamonds glances; 

She’s ay sae clean, redd up and braw, 

She kills whene’er she dances: 

Blyth as a kid, with wit at will, 

She blooming tite and tall is; 

And guides her airs sae gracefu’ still, 

O Jove! she’s like thy Pallas


Dear Bessy Bell and Mary Gray

Ye unco fair oppress us; 

Our fancies jee between you twa 

Ye are sic bonny lasses: 

Wae’ me! for baith I canna get, 

To ane by law we’re stented; 

Then I’ll draw cuts, and take my fate, 

And be with ane contented. 

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