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Katy’s Answer, p.67.

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MY mither’s ay glowran o’er me, 

Tho’ she did the same before me; 

I canna get leave 

To look to my loove, 

Or else she’ll be like to devour me. 


Right fain wad I take ye’r offer, 

Sweet Sir, but I’ll tine my tocher; 

Then, Sandy, ye’ll free, 

And wyte ye’r poor Kate

When e’er ye keek in your toom coffer. 


For tho’ my father has plenty 

Of siller and plenishing dainty, 

Yet he’s unco sweer 

To twin wi’ his gear; 

And sae we had need to be tenty. 


Tutor my parents wi’ caution, 

Be wylie in ilka motion; 

Brag well o’ ye’r land, 

And there’s my leal hand, 

Win them, I’ll be at your devotion. 

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