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The Lass of Livingston, pp.55-56.

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PAin’d with her slighting Jamie’s love, 

Bell dropt a tear – Bell dropt a tear, 

The Gods descended from above, 

Well pleas’d to hear – Well pleas’d to hear, 

They heard the praises of the youth 

From her own tongue – from her own tongue, 

Who now converted was to truth, 

And thus she sung – and thus the sung. 


Blest days when our ingenous sex, 

More frank and kind – more frank and kind, 

Did not their lov’d adorers vex; 

But spoke their mind – but spoke their mind. 

Repenting now, she promis’d fair, 

Wou’d he return – wou’d he return, 

She ne’er again wou’d give him care, 

Or cause him mourn – or cause him mourn. 


Why lov’d I thee deserving swain, 

Yet still thought shame, – yet still thought shame, 

When he my yielding heart did gain, 

To own my flame – to own my flame? 

Why took I pleasure to torment, 

And seem too coy – and seem too coy? 

Which makes me now alas lament 

My slighted joy – my slighted joy. 


Ye fair, while beauty’s in its spring, 

Own your desire – own your desire, 

While love’s young power with his soft wing 

Fans up the fire – fans up the fire. 

O do not with a silly pride, 

Or low design – or low design, 

Refuse to be a happy bride, 

But answer plain – but answer plain. 


Thus the fair mourner wail’d her crime, 

With flowing eyes – with flowing eyes. 

Glad Jamie heard her all the time, 

With sweet surprise – with sweet surprise. 

Some God had led him to the grove; 

His mind unchang’d – his mind unchang’d, 

Flew to her arms, and cry’d, my love, 

I am reveng’d – I am reveng’d! 

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