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Fint a Crum of thee she-faws, pp.98-100.

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REturn hameward, my heart, again, 

And bide where thou was wont to be, 

Thou art a fool to suffer pain 

For love of ane that loves not thee: 

My heart, let be sic fantasie, 

Love only where thou hast good cause; 

Since scorn and liking ne’er agree, 

The fint a crum of thee she faws. 


To what effect should thou be thrall? 

Be happy in thine ain free will, 

My heart, be never beastial, 

But ken wha does thee good or ill: 

At hame with me then tarry still, 

And see wha can best play their paws, 

And let the silly fling her fill, 

For fint a crum of thee she faws. 


Tho’ she be fair, I will not senzie, 

She’s of a kind with mony mae; 

For why, they are a felon menzie 

That seemeth good, and are not sae. 

My heart, take neither sturt nor wae 

For Meg, for Marjory, or Mause

But be thou blyth, and let her gae, 

For fint a crum of thee she faws. 


Remember how that Medea 

Wild for a sight of Jason yied, 

Remember how young Cressida 

Left Troilus for Diomede; 

Remember Helen, as we read, 

Brought Troy from bliss unto bair waws: 

Then let her gae where she may speed, 

For fint a crum of thee she faws. 


Because she said I took it ill, 

For her depart my heart was sair, 

But was beguil’d; gae where she will, 

Beshrew the heart that first takes care: 

But be thou merry late and air, 

This is the final end and clause, 

And let her feed and fooly fair, 

For fint a crum of thee she faws. 


Ne’er dunt again within my breast, 

Ne’er let her slights thy courage spill, 

Nor gie a fob, altho’ she sneest, 

She’s fairest paid that gets her will, 

She gecks as gif I mean’d her ill, 

When she glaicks paughty in her braws; 

Now let her snirt and fyke her fill, 

For fint a crum of thee she faws. 

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