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This is no mine ain House, p.98.

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THis is not mine ain house, 

I ken by the rigging o’t; 

Since with my love I’ve changed vows, 

I dinna like the bigging o’t. 

For now that I’m young Robie’s bride, 

And mistriss of his fire-side, 

Mine ain house I’ll like to guide, 

And please me with the trigging o’t. 


Then farewell to my father’s house, 

I gang where love invites me; 

The strictest duty this allows, 

When love with honour meets me. 

When Hymen moulds us into ane, 

My Robie’s nearer than my kin, 

And to refuse him were a sin, 

Sae lang’s he kindly treats me. 


When I’m in mine ain house, 

True love shall be at hand ay 

To make me still a prudent spouse, 

And let my man command ay; 

Avoiding ilka cause of strife, 

The common pest of married life, 

That makes ane wearied of his wife. 

And breaks the kindly band ay.

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