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To Mris. E. C., pp.100-101.

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Tune, Sae merry as we have been


NOW Phebus advances on high, 

Nae footsteps of winter are seen; 

The birds carrol sweet in the sky, 

And lambkins dance reels on the green. 

Thro’ plantings, by burnies sae clear, 

We wander for pleasure and health, 

Where buddings and blossoms appear, 

Giving prospects of joy and wealth. 


View ilka gay scene all around, 

That are, and that promise to be; 

Yet in them a’ nathing is found, 

Sae perfect Eliza as thee. 

Thy een the clear fountains excell, 

Thy locks they out-rival the grove; 

When zephyres those pleasingly swell, 

Ilk wave makes a captive to love. 


The roses and lillies combin’d, 

And flowers of maist delicate hue, 

By thy cheek and dear breasts are out shin’d, 

Their tinctures are naithing sae true. 

What can we compare with thy voice? 

And what with thy humour sae sweat? 

Nae musick can bless with sic joys; 

Sure angels are just sae complete. 


Fair blossom of ilka delight, 

Whose beauties ten thousand out-shine; 

Thy sweets shall be lasting and bright, 

Being mixt with sae many divine. 

Ye powers who have given sic charms 

To Eliza, your image below, 

O save her frae all humane harms! 

And make her hours happily flow. 

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