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The Complaint, pp.124-125.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]

To B. I. G. 


To the Tune of, When absent, &c


WHen absent from the nymph I love, 

I’d fain shake off the chains I wear; 

But whilst I strive these to remove, 

More fetters I’m oblig’d to bear. 

My captiv’d fancy day and night 

Fairer and fairer represents 

Bellinda form’d for dear delight, 

But cruel cause of my complaints. 


All day I wander through the groves, 

And sighing hear from ev’ry tree 

The happy birds chirping their loves, 

Happy compar’d with lonely me. 

When gentle sleep with balmy wings 

To rest fan’s ev’ry weary’d wight, 

A thousand fears my fancy brings, 

That keep me watching all the night. 


Sleep flies, while like the Goddess fair, 

And all the graces in her train, 

With melting smiles and killing air 

Appears the cause of all my pain. 

A while my mind delighted flies, 

O’er all her sweets with thirling joy, 

Whilst want of worth makes doubts arise, 

That all my trembling hopes destroy. 


Thus while my thoughts are fix’d on her, 

I’m all o’er transport and desire; 

My pulse beats high, my cheeks appear 

All roses, and mine eyes all fire. 

When to my self I turn my view, 

My veins grow chill, my cheeks looks wan: 

Thus whilst my fears my pains renew, 

I scarcely look or move a man. 

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