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John Ochiltree, pp.135-136.

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HOnest man John Ochiltree; 

Mine ain auld John Ochiltree

Wilt thou come o’er the moor to me, 

And dance as thou was wont to do. 

Alake, alake! I wont to do! 

Obon, Obon! I wont to do! 

Now wont to do’s away frae me

Frae filly auld John Ochiltree. 

Honest man John Ochiltree

Mine ain auld John Ochiltree; 

Come anes out o’er the moor to me, 

And do but what thou dow to do. 

Alake, alake! I dow to do! 

Walaways! I dow to do! 

To whost and hirple o’er my tree

My bony moor-powt is a’ I may do


Walaways John Ochiltree

For mony a time I tell’d to thee, 

Thou rade sae fast by sea and land, 

And wadna keep a bridle hand; 

Thou’d tine the beast, thy sell wad die, 

My silly auld John Ochiltree

Come to my arms, my bony thing

And chear me up to hear thee sing; 

And tell me o’er a’ we hae done, 

For thoughts maun now my life sustain. 


Gae thy ways John Ochiltree: 

Hae done! it has nae sa’r wi’ me. 

I’ll set the beast in throw the land, 

She’ll may be fa’ in a better hand. 

Even sit thou there, and think thy fill, 

For I’ll do as I wont to do still. 

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