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Jocky’s fou and Jenny’s fain, p.195.

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Jocky fou, Jenny fain, 

Jenny was nae ill to gain, 

She was couthy, he was kind, 

And thus the wooer tell’d his mind. 


Jenny I’ll nae mair be nice, 

Gi’e me love at ony price; 

I winna prig for red or whyt, 

Love alane can gi’e delyt. 


Others seek they kenna what, 

In looks, in carriage, and a’ that; 

Give me love, for her I court: 

Love in love makes a’ the sport. 


Colours mingl’d unco fine, 

Common motives lang sinsyne, 

Never can engage my love, 

Until my fancy first approve. 


It is na meat but appetite 

That makes our eating a delyt; 

Beauty is at best deceit; 

Fancy only kens nae cheat. 

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