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The young Ladies Thanks to the Repenting Virgin, for her seasonable Advice, p.209.

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O Virgin kind! we canna tell 

How many many thanks we owe you, 

For pointing out to us sae well, 

These very rocks that did o’erthrow you; 

And we your lesson sae shall mind, 

That e’en tho’ a’ our kin had swore it, 

E’er we shall be an hour behind, 

We’ll take a year or twa before it. 


We’ll catch all winds blow in our sails, 

And still keep out our flag and pinnet; 

If young Philander anes assails 

To storm love’s fort then he shall win it: 

We may indeed for modesty, 

Present our forces for resistance; 

But we shall quickly lay them by, 

And contribute to his assistance. 

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