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Sang II., p.219.

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Fy gar rub her o’er with strae


Sung by Patie. p. 6. 


DEar Roger, if your Jenny geck, 

And answer kindness with a slight, 

Seem unconcern’d at her neglect, 

For women in a man delight: 

But them dispise who’re soon defeat, 

And with a simple face give way 

To a repulse – then be not blate, 

Push bauldly on, and win the day. 


When maidens, innocently young, 

Say aften what they never mean; 

Ne’er mind their pretty lying tongue; 

But tent the language of their een: 

If these agree, and she persist 

To answer all your love with hate, 

Seek elsewhere to be better blest, 

And let her sigh when ‘tis too late. 

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