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Sang XIV., p.225.

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O’er Bogie


Sung by Jenny, p. 48. 


WELL I agree, ye’re sure of me; 

Next to my father gae. 

Make him content to give consent, 

He’ll hardly say you nay: 

For you have what he wad be at, 

And will commend you well, 

Since parents auld think love grows cauld, 

Where bairns want milk and meal. 


Shou’d he deny, I carena by, 

He’d contradict in vain. 

Tho’ a’ my kin had said and sworn, 

But thee I will have nane. 

Then never range, or learn to change, 

Like these in high degree: 

And if you prove faithful in love, 

You’ll find nae fault in me. 

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