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Song IX., pp.257-259.

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FAir Iris and her swain 

Were in a shady bower, 

Where Thirsis long in vain 

Had sought the happy hour; 

At length his hand advancing 

Upon her snowy breast, 

He said, O! kiss me longer, 

Longer yet and longer, 

If you would make me blest. 



An easy yielding maid 

By trusting is undone, 

Our sex is oft betray’d 

By granting love too soon; 

If you desire to gain me, 

Your sufferings to redress, 

Prepare to love me longer, 

Longer yer and longer, 

Before you shall possess. 



The little care you show 

Of all my sorrows past, 

Makes death appear too slow, 

And life too long to last, 

Oh Iris! kiss me kindly, 

In pity of my fate, 

Fair Iris kiss me kindly, 

Kindly still and kindly, 

Before it be too late. 



You fondly court your bliss, 

And no advances make; 

‘Tis not for maids to kiss, 

But ‘tis for men to take: 

So you may kiss me kindly, 

And I will not rebell, 

Thirsis may kiss me kindly, 

Kindly still and kindly; 

But never kiss and tell. 



And may I kiss you kindly? 

Yes you may kiss me kindly

And kindly still and kindly? 

And kindly still and kindly

And will you not rebell. 

And I will not rebell

Then, love, I’ll kiss thee kindly, 

Kindly still and kindly; 

But never kiss and tell. 

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