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Song XLIX., pp.302-303.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]

OH! the charming month of May

When the breezes 

Fan the trees, is 

Full of blossoms fresh and gay: 

Oh! the charming month of May, 

Charming charming month of May. 


Oh! what joy our prospects yield, 

When in new livery 

We see every 

Bush and meadow, tree and field: 

Oh! what joy, &c. Charming joys, &c. 


Oh! how fresh the morning air, 

When the Zyphers 

And the heifers 

Their odorif’rous breath compare: 

Oh! how fresh, &c. Charming fresh, &c. 


Oh! how sweet at night to dream, 

On mossy pillows, 

By the trillows 

Of a gentle purling stream, 

Oh! how sweet, &c. Charming sweet, &c. 


Oh! how kind the country lass, 

Who, her cow bilking, 

Leaves her milking 

For a green-gown on the grass: 

Oh! how kind, &c. Charming kind, &c. 


Oh! how sweet it is to spy, 

At the conclusion, 

Her deep confusion, 

Blushing cheeks and down-cast eye: 

Oh! how sweet, &c. Charming sweet, &c. 


Oh! the charming curds and cream, 

When all is over, 

She gives her lover, 

Who on the skiming dish carves her name: 

Oh! the charming curds and cream

Charming charming, &c. 

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