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Song LIV., pp.306-307.

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A Quire of bright beauties 

In spring did appear, 

To chuse a May-lady 

To govern the year; 

All the nymphs were in white, 

And the shepherds in green, 

The garland was given, 

And Phillis was queen. 

But Phillis refused it, 

And sighing did say, 

I’ll not wear a garland 

While Pan is away. 


While Pan and fair Syrinx 

Are fled from the shore, 

The graces are banish’d, 

And love is no more: 

The soft God of pleasure 

That warm’d our desires, 

Has broken his bow, 

And extinguish’d his fires; 

And vows that himself 

And his mother will mourn, 

Till Pan and fair Syrinx 

In triumph return. 


Forbear your addresses, 

And court us no more; 

For we will perform 

What the deity swore: 

But if you dare think 

Of deserving our charms, 

Away with our sheep-hooks, 

And take to your arms: 

Then lawrels and myrtles 

Your brows shall adorn, 

When Pan and fair Syrinx 

In triumph return. 

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