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Song LXI., pp.313-314.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]

The Parson among the Pease


ONE long Whitson holy-day, 

Holy-day, holy-day, it was a jolly day, 

Young Ralph, buxom Phillida

Phillida, a welladay! 

Met in the pease; 

They long had community, 

He lov’d her, she lov’d him, 

Joyful unity, nought but opportunity 

Scanting was wanting, 

Their bosoms to ease. 

But now fortune’s cruelty, cruelty, 

You will see; for as they ly 

In close hug, Sir Domine 

Gemini Gomini 

Chanc’d to come by, 

He read prayers i’the family, 

No way now to frame a lie, 

They scar’d at old Homily

Homily, Homily

Both away fly. 


Home, soon as he saw the sight, 

Full of spite, as a kite runs the recubite, 

Like a noisy Hypocrite

Hypocrite, Hypocrite

Mischief to say; 

Save he wou’d fair Phillida

Phillida, Phillida drest that holy-day; 

But poor Ralph, ah welladay! 

Welladay! welladay! 

Turn’d was away. 

‘Ads nigs, cries sir Domine 

Gemini Gomini, shall a rogue stay, 

To baulk me, as commonly, 

Commonly, commonly, 

Has been his way. 

No, I serve the family, 

They know nought to blame me by, 

I read prayers and homily, 

Homily, homily, 

Three times a day. 

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