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Song CIX., pp.354-355.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]

WE all to conquering beauty bow, 

Its pleasing power admire; 

But I ne’er knew a face till now, 

That cou’d like your’s inspire: 

Now I may say, I met with one, 

Amazes all mankind; 

And, like men gazing on the sun, 

With too much light am blind. 


Soft, as the tender moving sighs, 

When longing lovers meet; 

Like the divining prophets, wise; 

Like new blown roses, sweet; 

Modest, yet gay; reserv’d, yet free; 

Each happy night a bride; 

A mein like awful majesty, 

And yet no spark of príde. 


The patriarch, to win a wife, 

Chast, beautiful and young, 

Serv’d fourteen years a painful life, 

And never thought it long: 

Ah! were you to reward such care, 

And life so long would stay, 

Not fourteen, but four hundred years, 

Would seem but as one day. 

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