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Population, pp.xxxvi-xxxviii.

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The following table shows, for each of the counties, and for the whole kingdom, the amount of the population of Scotland in the years 1755, 1791, 1801, 1811, 1821, and 1831, with the increase per cent, during each ten years succeeding 1801. 

Another table, and a brief one, gives a summary view of the classes of the population, and the number of inhabited houses in 1821 and 1831, and of the value of assessed property in 1815. 

We have just received a copy of the census of 1841, printed by order of Government. The following are the leading results:- 

Placed in their order, and beginning with those in which there is a decrease, the counties stand as follows:- 

The average increase for all Scotland being 11.1 per cent., it appears that the increase is above the average in 10 counties, and below it in 22, including those in which there is a positive diminution. 

The increase in the population of England and Wales has been greater than in that of Scotland, at every decennial period since the first census was taken; but the difference is greater in the last ten years than in any preceding period. The number of houses building affords one of the best criterions of a country’s progress in wealth and industry. At the same time it must be kept in mind, that we get merely the number building in one particular year out of the ten, and not the average number building yearly. In the first census this element was wanting, in the others it stands thus:- 

Houses Building. 

 1811. 1821. 1831. 1841. 
England, 15,189 18,289 23,462 25,882 
Wales, 1,019 985 1,297 1,769 
Total, 16,208 19,274 24,759 27,651 
Scotland, 2,341 2,405 2,568 2,760 
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