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The Antelope, or Gazell, pp.38-39.

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IS between the goat and the deer kind. Swiftness and elegance of shape this animal possesses to a considerable degree, and inhabits the temperate zone of Asia and Africa. He has horns like the deer, but like the goat he never sheds them; these horns are smooth, long, and annulated. The general colour is brown, and, in some species, of a beautiful yellow. Timid animals are of course inoffensive, and the Gazells, as other gregarious creatures, are fond of living together. The eyes are exceedingly bright, and to them, those of a beautiful nymph have often been compared by Persian and other poets. Enjoying an unbounded share of liberty, they range, in herds, through the deserts of Africa, and bounce from mountain to mountain with wonderful agility. 

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