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The Rabbit, pp.46-47.

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   IS not unlike the hare; his flesh is white, and good, but not so luscious; his head, ears, and tail are shorter than the hare’s. The colour of the wild rabbit is constantly the same; but we have domestic ones of nearly every colour. The female begins to breed when she is about twelve months old, and bears at least seven times a year. The skin of the Rabbit, like that of the hare, is much esteemed for several uses; and, although he is less timid than the hare, he will fly from man as soon as he sees him: the female is very careful in concealing her litter, lest the male should destroy it, which is generally the case when he finds it in his way. One of the dissenting points in the characteristics of these two animals, so like each other in many respects, is, that the hare lives above, and the Rabbit under, ground. 

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