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The Water Spaniel, pp.49-50.

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   IS excellent for hunting otters, wild ducks and other games, whose retreat is among the rushes and reeds which cover the banks of rivers, the fens, and the ponds. He is very sagacious, and perhaps the most docile and tractable of all the canine tribes. The Newfoundland Dogs are of this class, and the biggest of the family; their strength and their faithfulness to their masters are well known, and the concurrence of both has often proved most useful to people who were on the point of being drowned. 

   The lesser Water Spaniels partake of the qualities of the others; they fetch and carry whatever they are bid, and often dive to the bottom of a deep piece of water in search of a piece of money, which they bring up in their mouths and lay down at the feet of whoever sent them; the best breed has black curly hair and long ears. 

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