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The Ferret, p.67.

[Three Hundred Animals Contents]

IS a small, yet bold animal, enemy to all others but those of his own kind. He is made somewhat like a weasel, and breeds in all countries of Europe; where he is tamed and taught to hunt rabbits out of their holes. His eyes are remarkably fiery. The tame ones live on milk, bread, barley, &c. the wild ones on the blood of rabbits, hares, &c. 

The Martin boasts of the honor of adorning with his fur the rich and the beautiful; as princes, ladies, and opulent people of all nations pride themselves to wear his spoils. He is about as big as a cat, but the body is much longer proportionally, and the legs shorter. His skin is of a light brown, with white under the throat, and yellow on the back. The fur of the Martin fetches a high price, and is much used in European countries; the best is imported from Sweden, Russia, and Muscovy. 

The Sable is of the same family; the best colour among the different shades of the fur which covers this small animal is the dark brown, inclining to black. His name is derived from the German Zobel

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